7 Romantic Picnic Ideas ...


7 Romantic Picnic Ideas ...
7 Romantic Picnic Ideas ...

The 7 romantic picnic ideas that are listed below cover different aspects of a romantic picnic. They don't only include food ideas or location suggestions. These ideas range from what type of tableware to pack to finding inclement weather beneficial. I hope you are able to put together a romantic picnic for a loved one that turns out to be a huge success.

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Take It to the Beach

Who doesn't find the beach to be a romantic place? The lapping sound of the waves is soothing and perfect for creating the right mood for a romantic picnic. If you can manage to set up a picnic on the right part of the beach, then there are very few distractions as well. Place a thick blanket on the beach away from the waves, but also not near a bunch of people. Beaches can be very public areas and it might be difficult to find one that isn't packed in the afternoon. There will be less people running around closer to dusk, plus you might be able to catch the sunset together if the beach is facing a western sky.


Get Fancy!

Cloth napkins, nice silverware, fine china, and an elegant table cloth will help to create a more romantic atmosphere, no matter where the picnic is being held. There’s just something about paper napkins and plastic dinnerware that sort of squelches a romantic mood. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with cheap napkins and dinnerware if that is all you can afford. It just might make the picnic seem more elegant if a little bit of class is added by way of some fancy silverware, plates, and napkins.


Make the Food Memorable

Anyone can make up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and slice them into triangles, but is that really the kind of food that is associated with romance? If you took a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut the insides of the pb and j sandwiches into heart shapes, then it might be a bit more romantic. However, I was thinking of concocting food dishes that are out of the ordinary, yet not in a gross way. Come up with some hors d'oeuvres that are fun and classy at the same time. Take along a bottle of wine instead of a 2 liter of soda. Think 'Elegant Restaurant' and go from there.


Surprise Picnics Can Spice Things up a Bit

There's no reason why the picnic can't be a surprise, right? Sweep your beloved away without a word and arrive at the picnic area with everything all ready to set up. If you can put a basket in the trunk of the car that has the food, drink, blanket, etc. then you won't have to worry about the surprise being spoiled. A blindfold works well too and sometimes heightens the excitement of the entire experience.


The Midnight Sky Can Really Set the Mood

I think the most romantic picnic I ever had was around midnight when the moon was almost full. The moon was large enough that it was easy to see with the amount of light given off by it. However, it wasn't so full that it didn't allow us to see the stars clearly. For some reason the dark always makes things seem a tad more romantic than the broad daylight does. Having the stars to look at also makes for a great conversation starter in case you need a little help in this area.


A Cozy Space is Always Nice for Closeness

Set up the picnic in an area that is cozy and makes you feel comfortable to sit close to one another. Spreading out the picnic underneath a weeping willow creates a personal space just for you two. There might be people on the other side of the hanging tree branches, but the willow provides enough of a barrier that it makes the space seem like it only belongs to you. Find a secluded section of the park that has a cozy feel to it. There are plenty of places that can provide the comfort needed to help you two to become at ease with being alone and enjoy your romantic picnic in peace.


Don’t Let the Weather Spoil the Picnic

If it rains, bring along an umbrella you both can squeeze under. Getting close to the one you adore is always nice. Sitting under the shade of a tree together is one way to avoid the hot sun during warmer months. Bringing along some ice cubes to cool one another off during sweltering summer days is often thought of as a romantic gesture.

These 7 romantic picnic ideas are very simple. I'm sure you've heard of some additional ways to come up with the most romantic picnic ever. Feel free to share new ideas, as well as to explain which ideas worked the best and why. Do you find romantic picnics worth the time and effort they take to come up with? What happened on the most romantic picnic you've ever been on?

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