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14 Romantic Ways to Say "I Love You" ...

By Jennifer

From adding a sweet little love note to his lunchbox to buying him season tickets for his favorite football team, there are hundreds of ways to say “I love you.” But if you’re looking for something a little more romantic, or unique, then read on! Here’s my list of the 14 most romantic ways to say “I love you,” complete with a budget, timing, and romance scale!

1 Pamper Him

Pamper HimBudget: $80 - $200, depending on the spa
Perfect timing: Dating for one year or more
How romantic: Very romantic
He may not want to admit it, but your man loves to be pampered. He might not enjoy a facial or a pedicure, but he’s sure to enjoy a massage and maybe even a manicure minus the pretty pink polish. Most spas offer packages for men, including a massage and some other pampering perks, like hot stone treatments, sea salt scrubs, or aromatherapy, usually for an hour. Contact your spa to find out what they offer, or call another spa that specializes in relaxation for men. Be sure to check out the place before buying anything — you don’t want to send him somewhere seedy!

Photo Credit: oxigeno salon

2 Take Him Star-gazing

Take Him Star-gazingBudget: Free, unless you want to purchase a small telescope
Perfect timing: Dating for three months or more
How romantic: Wildly romantic
Every year in mid-November, there’s a wonderful meteor shower called the Leonids. The shower goes on for days, so there’s sure to be at least one evening when you can take your man into the dark, starry night and watch the falling stars together. The Leonids are bright enough to be seen without binoculars or a telescope, so all you need to bring is a thick blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa or cider. Snuggle in the cozy blanket with your sweetheart and take turns wishing on the falling stars!

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3 Plant a Tree

Plant a TreeBudget: Approximately $25, depending on the tree
Perfect timing: Married for one year
How romantic: Very romantic
What better way to express the permanence of your love than to plant a tree to celebrate your first year together? Choose a spot in the garden where your type of tree will have plenty of room to grow, and where it will get the right amount of sunlight. A local nursery will have seedlings or young trees to choose from, and their arborist can recommend just the right tree. Even more romantic? Fill a tin with love notes to each-other and small tokens, then plant it with the tree. Agree to dig it back up again on a particular special anniversary, like 25 years.

Photo Credit: ~MelissaT (back!)

4 Buy the Book

Buy the BookBudget: $16.50 at
Perfect timing: Dating for one year or more
How romantic: Wildly romantic
Most men equate romance with sex, so why not go with it, too? Buy a nice copy of the Kama Sutra and stick a note inside to let him know you’ll be exploring the book together each week. Set aside special time each week, and stick to your word. Don’t just glance at a random illustration and try to repeat it. Read the book, and really explore it together. He’ll get the message that you love him loud and clear!

Photo Credit: Dragan*

5 Ink It

Ink ItBudget: Approximately $25, depending on the studio
Perfect timing: Married for one year
How romantic: Pretty romantic
Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but if you and your man are into ink, then you may want to consider this romantic alternative to traditional wedding bands — a tattoo of your spouse’s name on your ring finger. Wear the ink alone, or under your gold, silver, or platinum wedding bands. It’s permanent, like your love, and the slight pain of getting the ink done together will be a bonding experience. Choose a script and design that’s right for both of you, and be sure to take photos to add to your scrap-book or album!

Photo Credit: weddingssc1

6 Commission a Piece of Art

Commission a Piece of ArtBudget: $100 or more, depending on the artist and medium
Perfect timing: Dating for one year or more
How romantic: Very romantic
Hire a local artist to create a work of art just for your man. It can be a painting, drawing, jewelry, a sculpture, even a set of photographs depicting your love and commitment. Present it to him on an otherwise unimportant day, not a birthday or anniversary or holiday. Work closely with the artist to make sure the piece is personal and meaningful, and make sure it’s signed and dated by the artist. Write a simple, romantic note to go along with it.

Photo Credit: balintalovits

7 Write and Perform a Song

Write and Perform a SongBudget: Free
Perfect timing: Dating for one year or more
How romantic: Wildly romantic
If you’re at musically inclined, compose a song for your sweetheart, and if you’re dating enough, perform it at a local club (some have amateur nights, if you’re not a musician). Even if you’re not the best songstress, he’ll be flattered and impressed. If you’re not a musician, or can’t carry a tune in a bucket, have someone who is help you. Still stuck? Then write a poem and present it to him instead. Or make a mix CD of love songs you know he loves and sneak it into his car or load the songs onto his iPod. Better yet, buy him an iPod just for the love songs, and have it engraved!

Photo Credit: Dragan*

8 Take Photos

Take PhotosBudget: $250 and up, depending on the photographer
Perfect timing: Dating for six months or more
How romantic: Wildly romantic
If you’re daring enough, hire a photographer to take some risqué but tasteful boudoir photos of you. If your budget won’t allow a professional photog, then ask a talented friend to take them. Wear the lingerie he likes you in best, or buy something new. Be sure to keep it tasteful, not trampy. Or, if you’re very daring, have the photos taken together, much like Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s wedding photos. Either way, make sure he ends up with printed copies in a special photo album. Very romantic, very unique!

Photo Credit: courtney jade

9 Take Him Away

Take Him AwayBudget: $500 and up, depending on destination
Perfect timing: Dating for three months or more
How romantic: Wildly romantic
What better way to say “I love you” than to take him away from the daily grind? Plan a long weekend getaway somewhere you haven’t been before, or even to a favorite destination! It can be something fun, like a trip to Chicago, or something quieter and more romantic, like an overnight at a bed and breakfast. If your budget can take the hit, plan an extended get-away somewhere warm this winter… like Costa Rica, Jamaica, or Cancun or even just Florida! You can either tell him in advance, or make the trip a surprise. Just make sure to pack his passport if you’ll be needing it, and be prepared for one of the best romantic dates you've had!

Photo Credit: Marcelo-Vieira

10 Take Him for a Ride

Take Him for a RideBudget: $150 and up, depending on the operator/pilot
Perfect timing: Dating for six months or more
How romantic: Very romantic
If you’ve never been on a hot air balloon ride, this may be an ideal romantic way to let him know you’re smitten! It can get chilly, even if it’s the middle of summer, so make sure to bundle up. It’s also a little noisy, but trust me, it’s so peaceful and idyllic, you’ll be smooching and snuggling up in no time! If you’re not sure you can afford it, wait until there’s a local balloon festival, where the scores of pilots and balloons make it much easier to find a bargain.

Photo Credit: StarrGazr

11 Pack a Picnic

Pack a PicnicBudget: Free
Perfect timing: Dating for three months or more
How romantic: Very romantic
Pack a bottle of chilled champagne or white wine, some gourmet cheese, some flatbread or crackers, some grapes, some strawberries, and some chocolate. Find your thickest, prettiest beach blanket, and scout out a perfect, secluded picnic spot. Then take your sweetie for a romantic, moonlight (or sunlit!) picnic. Listen to the buzz of the bees and count passing butterflies, or lie back and stare up at the starry skies. Either way, it’s bound to be incredibly romantic, the perfect venue for telling your man how much you love him!

Photo Credit: liquid.cure

12 Keep a Journal

Keep a JournalBudget: $12 and up, depending on the journal
Perfect timing: Married for one year or more
How romantic: Pretty romantic
Starting on a special day, perhaps his birthday or your anniversary, start keeping a journal. Fill it will anecdotes about your day, memories of other times you’ve spent together, bits of lyrics or poetry, pressed flowers, ticket stubs, snapshots, everything and anything that reminds you of your time with him. Try to write in it at least every second day, and be sure to detail the times you’re thinking of him, how you love him, and why. At the end of the year, give him the completed journal as a gift. He’ll be blown away by the thousands of times you thought of him that year. So loving and romantic!

Photo Credit: -Sunny- *mostly away/moving*

13 Stay in

Stay inBudget: Free
Perfect timing: Dating for three months or more
How romantic: Very romantic
Baby, it’s cold outside! So stay in! Plan a weekend in, and try your best not to leave the house or flat for the entire time. Stockpile DVDs, board games, video games, and all of his favorite food and snacks. Vow to spend at least the better part of one entire day in bed, and let him decide how to spend the rest of the time that weekend. If he wants to spend it boxing with you on Wii Sports, then do it! If he wants to spend it reading in bed, then grab a paperback and join him. Turn off the cell phones and shut down the laptop and enjoy being with each-other, without distractions.

Photo Credit: isabel bloedwater

14 Write It in the Sky

Write It in the SkyBudget: $200 and up, depending on the pilot/service
Perfect timing: Dating for one year or more
How romantic: Wildly romantic
One of my all-time favorite ways to let a guy know I’m on love! Schedule a sky-writer to take their plane up on a day you know you’ll both be outdoors together (maybe on the day of your picnic from item number 11?) and wait for the message to appear. Keep the message as simple as you can, like “I love you John.” Be sure to bring your camera, so you can get a photo of the perfect blue sky with your declaration of love. Romantic, fun, and a little bit corny. But I love it!

Photo Credit: <danielle>

There are so many romantic ways to let your guy know you’re in love, and these are just the start! Feel free to get creative and come up with something of your own, or put your own twist on these ideas. He’s bound to know for sure how much you love him. Which of these ideas do you like best, or is there another way you’ve found to let your sweetheart know how much you love him?

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