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12 Ways to Tell if It's True Love ...

By Melanie

Is it true love? Is it going to be forever? So many people out there fall into the trap once or twice of thinking they definitely have true love only to find that tragic ending. We all know that we only have one true love in our life, at least, that is what I believe. How to tell if it’s true love may be a bit frustrating as people fall in and out of love many times. Below, I am going to give you 12 ways to tell if it’s true love.

12 Eye Contact

When he or she talks to you, do they look you in the eyes?

11 Do They Seem to Care about You?

When you talk to them and tell them your problems, do they seem to care? Do they show you that they care? Then it may just be true love.


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10 The Kiss

It is in the way they kiss you. When someone kisses you, if it’s true love, you can just feel it. How to tell if it’s true love can be found in that kiss!

9 Are You Always Interested?

If you always enjoy talking and looking at the person, then it may just be true love. If you only find yourself looking at the person’s figure and not enjoying a conversation with them as much, then it may not be a true love romance.

8 Willing to Wait

Are you willing to wait in order to make a relationship work out?

7 Friendship

Are you friends? It seems that companionship always last longer than ardor. Do the two of you laugh together? Do you share each other’s family and friends?

6 Do You Want What’s Best?

When you are with the person, do you want was is best for them? As an example, if they have a job offer in another city, are you willing to turn your life around and move with them? When you love someone, it involves self-sacrifice and compromise.

5 Disagreements

Do you have disagreements? If you do not have disagreements, then there may be something wrong as everyone disagrees. If you have never had a disagreement, then someone is not being real.

4 Talking

Do you enjoy talking to the person? If they always seem to have something to say that is interesting to you, then the both of you may be made for each other.

3 Support

No matter what opinions you have, do you support each other? How to tell if it’s true love – support each other’s needs and wants.

2 What Would You do

Can you think of anything that you would not do for him or her that you would easily do for someone else? If so, then it probably isn’t true love after all.

1 My Rule

When it comes to true love, I have one rule that I have always lived by in determining if it is true love and that is the fact that you will just know it. I will admit, I have went out with many guys, but I never felt the same feeling I felt for anyone, until I met my husband.

How to tell if it’s true love - True love is hard to come by for some, but then it’s easy to come by for others. You never know when it is going to hit you. It could be the person living down stairs, the person next door, the person who comes to your job a lot or someone you don’t even know right now. Do you have any experience with true love? Did you have a case where you thought it was true, but it wasn’t? I found my true love 8 years ago and have been married for 6 years, ever since I was 18.

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