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"I Love You Too" - How to Say It without Saying It ...

By Laura

Even the bravest, boldest girl might have trouble summing up the courage to say “I love you”… including me. Saying "**I love you too"** is a lot and it's best to tread lightly if you're not sure... but if you're avoiding using the big L word because you're afraid, honey that's what love is! A risk you have to take ...

Here are 7 great ways to say "**I love you too...** "

1 That’s Sweet

“That’s sweet." If you're not going to actually say it in return, tell them it's sweet and follow up with why you can't say it back. It let's them know you acknowledge your feelings and let them know one day you'll respond the same.

2 I'm Yours

This let's him know how deeply you care about him but doesn't exactly mean "**I love you too"**. It allows you to express your feelings without throwing the L word around all willy nilly. It's sweet and caring and should suffice in the situation.

3 DItto/Same

When you're saying ditto you're essentially saying you love them without having to use love. It's a great alternative when you can't bring yourself to use the word itself but you feel it. Just make sure if you say ditto or same instead of "**I love you too"** that you actually mean it! It's cruel if you say it without meaning to.

4 I Love You Too

Just come right out and say it! Own up to the fears and throw them away and tell the person standing in front of you bearing their heart that you feel the same. Honestly is always the best policy and it never hurts to just be forward. If someone is saying they love you and you feel the same, get past whatever it is holding you back and say "**I love you too".**

5 I KNow

It worked with Princess Leia and Hans Solo in “The Return of the Jedi,” and while it may not be the best response, it's definitely not the worst. You can always follow it with an “I love you, too” so you're not leaving them hanging in the dust.

6 Who Doesn't?!

Not quite ready to come out and say it? That's okay! If you turn the situation into a joke slightly to lighten the mood, it might make it easier and less pressure to say it. Just make sure the person didn't give you a long speech before hand where they'll be offended with a response like this...

7 Don't Say It, Prove It

If you're looking to buy some time before you have to drop the love bomb in return, ask for the person to prove they love you. Tell them you want to be sure of your feelings before hand and (sure of theirs) before you take that big step. This would be easy for any guy to understand if you told him of past hurt and pain or you know he's been through it.

While there are a lot of responses you can say when someone tells you they love you, these are some of the ones that might let you slip out of actually coming forward with "**I love you too"** but still getting the point across. What is your favorite way to say it without actually saying it?

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