7 Worst Responses to "I Love You" ...


7 Worst Responses to "I Love You" ...
7 Worst Responses to "I Love You" ...

Even the bravest, boldest girl might have trouble summing up the courage to say “I love you” first… including me. It’s so hard to know when it’s a good time to say it. Is it too soon? Has so much time gone by now it might be awkward? And oh, heaven help us, what if he says something stupid back? That’s the WORST… if it’s ever happened to you, then you know exactly what I mean. Here are the 7 worst responses to “I love you” … some of which I’ve actually had to hear. Ugh.

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That’s Nice

That’s Nice Photo Credit: lolilpopmika

“That’s nice.” What? That’s NICE? I tell you that I love you, and you tell me that’s NICE?!? Well, I suppose that’s not the worst thing you can say when someone sums up their courage to tell you they love you, but it’s not the NICEST thing you could say.



PANIC! Photo Credit: freespirittervs

This actually happened to my daughter recently. The boy she was seeing (for a very short while) told her he loved her, and she had a panic attack. She couldn’t breathe, almost fainted, and certainly couldn’t speak — or tell him how she felt. Which, incidentally, wasn’t love. She was thinking of breaking up with him. Hmm.



So? Photo Credit: ☆ Fotologica

This is a cruel, wicked response when someone tells you they love you, most often heard when someone’s dropping the L-bomb to avoid an impending break-up. It’s mean, but effective at driving home the point — you may love me, but I don’t love you.


Oh. Okay

Oh. Okay Photo Credit: Nina.Kalyn

What a wishy-washy response! Tell me you hate me, tell me I remind you why you might consider becoming a monk, but don’t say this! It might convince me that you don’t have a backbone, and aren’t worthy of my affection after all.


I Know

I Know While it may have worked with Princess Leia and Hans Solo in “The Return of the Jedi,” it’s not the best response when someone in real life tells you they love you. It can be used in some cases, though, like if you’re saying good-bye for a while, or if you plan to follow it very closely with an “I love you, too.”



Interesting! Photo Credit: tapasparida

This isn’t a science experiment, Romeo. When a girl tells you she loves you, this isn’t the time for objective observation. Take off the rubber gloves and set aside your Bunsen burner. Look deep into her eyes and tell her how you really feel.


Umm… I Have to Go Now…

Umm… I Have to Go Now… Photo Credit: David Sandell

This is what most men will say if you’re talking to them on the phone and they’re surrounded by their friends. Instantly, all of their friends know what you’ve just said, and will harass him or it, possibly making little smooching noises too… how embarrassing! And how old are they? Like, twelve?

While there are a lot of responses you CAN say when someone tells you they love you, these are the ones to avoid, for sure. I’m sure there are others… have you said anything odd, or heard something you weren’t expecting? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: no dilemma

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Guilty of #5! sorry ;)

These are pretty harsh to be sure, but let's not forget the cases of a guy or girl falling in love waaay to early in the relationship and springing it on the other person. Scary. I like the "I know", I've said it a couple times when I was feeling impish, but you don't say it the first time someone confesses love.

My guy recently told me he loved me and then quickly got off the phone with me without giving me a chance to respond or react at all. It's been a couple of days now and he hasn't repeated it or brought it up. What should I do? Should I ignore it and act like it didn't happen or should I ask him if it was an accident or if he meant it at all? Im at a loss...

He told me "That's creepy" I cried buckets. Way later he said " I was just jk" T_T what the hell!

i dated this guy for 5mos when i confess my feelings to him and this is what he replied to me "i don't know what to tell u but don't think that il be happy if i saw u suffering, if i could help u by anything then il do it.." then after 4mos, he get married.. :(

m guilty of a few:so?,i know and oh okay.An x of mine used to say thank you while we were dating,i must say this one gave me sleepless nights........I usually give this respond to my exs "keep on loving me!",hows that one?

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