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Falling in love is a great feeling, but it can also be a little confusing, especially if it's for the first time. There is no right formula to check if it really is love that you are feeling. But, here are some telling signs that you are in love.

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You Can’t Stop Thinking about Him/her

You Can’t Stop Thinking about Him/her This is perhaps one of the most obvious of all telling signs that you are in love. You find that you are always thinking about him or her. He or she fills up your daydreams and fantasies and you find it difficult to keep him or her out of your mind.


You Want to Spend More Time with Him/her

You Want to Spend More Time with Him/her You feel the intense desire to spend more and more time with him or her. You want to share various things in your life with him/her and you want a glimpse of their world. You want to do things together and have happy memories of shared moments.


You Feel Comfortable

You Feel Comfortable This is also one of the important telling signs that you are in love. Your significant other makes you feel comfortable as well as safe and secure. This applies not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


How You Resolve Your Conflicts

How You Resolve Your Conflicts Conflicts can arise between two people for any number of reasons- the important thing is how you resolve them. If you feel that the relationship you have is far more precious and important than the reason that caused your conflict, it is possible that it is because you are falling in love.


Sharing Deep Emotions

Sharing Deep Emotions When both you and your significant other share deep rooted emotions with each other without letting the feeling of vulnerability come in the way, it is one of the most telling signs that you are in love. However, it is important that this applies to both of you and not just you alone.


Lose Interest in Others

Lose Interest in Others When you find that you have simply lost interest in pursuing others for a romantic relationship, it could well be because you are in love. When you have no desire to catch the eye of other people, but feel special in the attention your significant other gives you, you could be falling in love with him or her.


Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future When you find that you are not just looking to have a good time but are starting to think about the future and feeling the desire to share it with your significant other, it could well be the result of falling in love. This does not necessarily mean making concrete plans right off the bat. It typically implies that you would like to have your significant other to be a part of your future and you start to daydream about it.

Love is a very special feeling, even if can be a little tricky. These telling signs that you are in love will show up as soon as love does. Enjoy the feeling!

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Hi I'm in love with my boyfriend but I'm a bit of a flirt with other lads my boyfriend don't give me any attention doesn't always want to kiss me or be with me what should I do?

Well, that pretty much confirms it...and we aren't even going out -.-

Hi guys, I havnt posted on this site for a very long time (Approximately 07-08 months) but I've been actively reading all the blogs thru my blackberry. I really loved this blog. I'm definately in love. Thanks Mercy for re-affirming this..!!

Love is a special gift from God but some people dont understand it,it takes a to heart that knows they really want to understand and when they do,they will appreciate it. These signs applies to the feelings i have for my friend and i think i understand clearly what falling in love is all about.

Oricolla, they only thing you can do is give him space and see what happens. If he's genuinely interested in you, he will eventually contact you. I hope it works out well for you.

Hey, I think I need help...I´m in love and completely lost, because I have no idea what the guy thinks and wants. The thing is, he answers my mesagges and is always nice to me, but he doesn´t appear to feel like meeting me again (we met twice and in my opinion everything went great)...I suggest something and he´s never available, because he´s too busy in work...I don´t want to be too pushy and scare him, but I don´t understand his behaviour....Does he like me or not? What shall I do? Any opinions? Please? P.S. Thanks for writing this great blog :-)

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