7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship ...


7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship ...
7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship ...

Cheating, lying, jealous comments, violence – those are not the signs of a healthy relationship. And guess what? They will never be that! I don’t care how many people choose to live their lives constantly worrying or looking over their shoulder and I don’t care if people think I’m crazy for not checking my fiancé’s phone, pockets or picking a fight every time I’m not around and he wants to have a coffee with his guy friends. Now, I might be wrong so feel free to correct me anytime but before you do, take a look at these 7 things that I think are signs of a healthy relationship.

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Jealous ones would probably interpret this as “not caring” so I simply have to point out the difference between the so called “not caring what your partner does in his/her free time” and “giving him/her enough space to socialize, grow, have fun..” You CAN have fun as a couple and LOVE each other very much but still have very active individual social lives where nobody has to give up anything. Both parties can enjoy their time alone, there is no guilt, pressure or boredom and no matter how strange it sounds, time apart actually brings people closer together.



A healthy relationship is the one in which people support each other and help each other grow so if you feel like your boyfriend/girlfriend finds great joy in trying to mess with your confidence or success, my honest advice would be to run. My ex boyfriend used to tell me my hair sucks every time I was supposed to go out with my girls or kept me on the phone asking silly questions just so I wouldn’t have enough time to fix my hair and makeup perfectly. Crazy, huh? But, the comments about your looks are not the only thing you need to pay attention to, ladies, because it can be about money, career, family and a whole bunch of other things too. If you’re both doing your best to motivate each other, offer a shoulder to cry on when one of you fails, stick by even when you’re broke and help each other become better people… well you should consider yourself lucky as those are the signs of a healthy relationship.


In contrast, a partner who seems more interested in undercutting your self-esteem or sabotaging your goals may have insecurities they're unloading onto you. True support involves celebrating each other’s achievements and working through challenges together. It means your significant other will cheer you on, not only in private but in front of others, and won't feel threatened by your triumphs. They'll be your biggest fan and your steadfast teammate in the game of life. That kind of support is invaluable; it's what elevates a relationship from merely functional to deeply fulfilling.


Quiet and Happy

Some people like to talk a lot, some don’t and some simply have their moments so let me just remind you that silence is not a sign of trouble! New couples blab all the time, they are all over each other and they usually either spend a lot of time together or at least thinking about one another while married couples or couples who are dating for years act slightly differently. So, if you’re in a relationship where you feel happy even when you’re totally silent, now would be the perfect time to congratulate yourself as this is also one of the signs of a healthy relationship. Don’t feel bad if you still haven’t gotten to that part because there are strong chances that it will happen over time.


Good Sex

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but a serious lack of it could lead to many problems like cheating, lies and whatnot. Many studies have shown that people who have sex and enjoy romantic moment more often tend to feel closer, more in love and all lovey-dovey. Passion, of course, can’t last forever, but there are always ways to rekindle old flames…


Sexual intimacy contributes significantly to the bond between partners. It’s a form of communication beyond words, expressing love, desire, and commitment. Engaging in meaningful sexual experiences can often escalate feelings of trust and connection. When the spark seems to dim, try exploring mutual fantasies, scheduling intimate times, or simply increasing physical affection. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity. Communicating desires and boundaries openly can lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship, strengthening the overall health of the partnership.



You can’t build a house without a foundation just like you can’t expect to have a good relationship based on lies. That right there goes for both friendship and romantic relationships just as well as business relationships and family relations. Ugly truth is always better than a pretty lie so practice telling the truth and… well… it shall set you free. I trust my fiancé and I never get depressed thinking about what he might be doing while I’m back at my parent’s place, hundred miles away. Yes, he could be lying but so can I and if we start questioning everything the other person said, we simply wouldn’t have any time to miss each other and be happy when the time apart is over.

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A romantic relationship presumes two people with equal desire to keep that relationship strong which, of course, means you both have to pitch in. You can’t expect him to pay for everything, solve every problem you have, do everything and so on and on and on. He can’t expect you to be the magical Tooth Fairy , Wonder Woman or whatever. Balance, that’s what I’m talking about! Balance is the key to everything and is one of the signs of a healthy relationship.



And it all comes down to respect! Infatuation and passion don’t last forever and everything you do, you basically do out of respect. You don’t lie because you respect him, you don’t cheat on him because he deserves better than that, you agree to take responsibility because he does so too and you respect him for that. You are a better person because you know he respects you and you simply don’t want to let him down. Love and respect… they walk hand in hand because you can’t love someone if you don’t respect him/her.

Do you have something to add, ladies? How about listening and compromising – do they rate high on your lists of things important for the success of one relationship?

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Yes. Freedom and trust is the important factors in maintaining the relationship.

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