10 Signs It's a Healthy Relationship ...


10 Signs It's a Healthy Relationship ...
10 Signs It's a Healthy Relationship ...

A relationship is seldom easy. When the initial attraction fades, the ugly face of reality surfaces. What can you do then to still feel the way you did when it first started and make sure the initial signs of trouble don't get worse? A lot but for now, let's stick to signs that can tell you whether you’re on the right path or not. Here is my list, and I’m sure you’ll agree with them, but maybe your list is in a different order…

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You Laugh Together

You Laugh Together Photo Credit: jaxxon

It is simple. The best kind of love stories are those that have a lot of love and a lot of laughs. Try to find something to to laugh about at least once a day, more if possible. It is contagious and most definitely the best medicine around. And it will bring you closer together.


You Admit Your Mistakes

You Admit Your Mistakes Photo Credit: SpaceCadet37

It might be hard to admit when you are wrong, but remember no one is perfect. Don't be afraid that your partner will think any less of you. Being able to admit you made a mistake about something is a learning experience for both of you. This is very important when an argument breaks out because of a misunderstanding. Be sure you think about the facts and if you're wrong, admit it and say sorry. This is definitely one of the secrets to a successful relationship.


You Talk about the Future

You Talk about the Future Photo Credit: davidgutierrez_photogra phy

Discussing what the future may hold and the expectations you have for it is one of the important signs that you’re in a healthy relationship. If you have one idea of the way things are supposed to go and the person you are with has a completely different idea, this might be a bad sign. It happened with a friend recently. She was so sure she had found "the one" only to find out that for himit was just sex. It is best to clarify and make sure that both of you are on the same page.



Forgiveness Photo Credit: A.J .. !!

Forgiveness is hard but so so important in a relationship. It doesn't matter if this is an extremely serious relationship or a new one, being able to forgive someone is the best way to move on and maintaining a happy relationship. There's no sense in holding resentments about something that can't be changed. This will only cause anger to build between two people and bring a crashing halt to the relationship.



Space Photo Credit: ♥jade♥

Just because two people are a couple, doesn't mean that each can't be their own person. Before you met you had separate families, friends, and even hobbies so there's no reason for you to suddenly give all that up. It's a good idea to have your own interests, give yourself some space at times. You don't have to do everything together, even though it is nice to see couples that get along so well that they enjoy doing everything together. Spend a few times a weekdoing romantic things together but also spend "alone time" doing what you enjoy.



Fairness Photo Credit: tydan

Getting your own way all the time isn't exactly fair — you need to take turns with choices. For instance, if you always get to choose the movie and the other person doesn't have a say in it, resentment may set in. Power struggle is definitely not a sign of a healthy relationship. Infact, it's arelationship dealbreaker that will turn the relationship sour pretty soon. There should always be an equal dose of give and take in a relationship.



Support Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

A partner should be supportive in both good and bad times. No matter how tough times may get, having a partner who supports you can make all the difference. Lack of support has been the ruin of many relationships. It's great to have someone cheer you on during a rugby match you are playing in, but it's also great to have someone who will massage your head when you'rehaving a headache or be a shoulder to cry on from time to time.


You Talk Openly

You Talk Openly Photo Credit: aknacer

I think that being able to talk about anything and everything under the sun is the best way to keep issues from building up. It also tends to bring couples closer together. If you feel too shy, to talk about certain things, try to find another way to communicate effectively. Write it down if you need to, but get it out in the open, no matter what it is. A relationship should be between two people who can not only get along, but who can discuss anything that comes up about their relationship.



Respect Photo Credit: hvhe1

Being able to honestly have respect for the person you are with is a tough quality for some people to allow in a relationship. Sometimes it's hard to understand why a person feels the way they do about something and to just let them feel that way without pushing towards what you want. If the person you are with is uncomfortable with a certain situation, but you are comfortable with it, the respectful thing to do would be to acknowledge his/her boundaries. By knowing someone's limits, you should be able to respect them and not push that person out of his/her comfort zone. This is one of the top signs of a healthy relationship.



Trust Photo Credit: Stoper

This is my number one sign. If I can't trust the person I'm with, then I feel there's no hope for a healthy relationship. There has to be trust between two people or one of you will be second-guessing the other and thinking negative thoughts all the time. These bad thoughts often take on a life of their own, making you think up things that aren't really there. It happens all the time. One person thinks that the other is up to something because he/she has to work late multiple times in a row. Fact is, there are times when working late is called for and it isn't anything more than that — work. Now I understand if you have trust issues because you can't get over a cheating incident from the past but other than that, learn to trust him.

So, with this list of signs it's a healthy relationship, taking note of what yours might be lacking is always a good thing to do. It's best to catch flaws in the beginning of a relationship, while it is still salvageable. Waiting until the situation gets too out of hand will usually end in a relationship that just can't take the strain. How do you know when you’re in a healthy relationship? What signs do you look for?

Top Photo Credit: .krish.Tipirneni.

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If it were to make a test, what would be the percentage of healthy relationships? :) Just a curiosity

Hey! Great advice:) Space is REALLY REALLY important, especially when you are young! Teens in love still need time to become themselves, and learn to love themselves before they can love anyone else. So for me that would be the number thing :) Loved this list:)

i want that now.

Space and respect are my top two. My past relatioship went sour because I felt suffocated. Respect is another huge thing. I couldn't be with someone who I don't respect and who doesn't respect me.

I thought this was going to be a superficial list. But it turned out to be pretty grounded and realistic. I loved it.

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