10 Romantic Things to do with Your Partner ...


10 Romantic Things to do with Your Partner ...
10 Romantic Things to do with Your Partner ...

With two busy schedules, and not enough time in a day, are you and your partner finding it hard to spend time together? There are many ways that a couple can enjoy their time together, but you want to plan something special for just you and your significant other. Lacking the creative spark to get you two headed in the right direction? Here is a list of 10 romantic things to do with your partner, all of which should help you and your partner have a splendid time together.

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Mmmm Massage!

Mmmm Massage! Light some scented candles, buy some massage oil, and practice on each other! Foot massages and back massages are one of the most natural ways to relax your body. Not only that, but you would be surprised at the stress it alleviates. Who knows, with all the rubbing going on between the two of you it just may lead to something else romantic! Even if that doesn’t happen you two loving each other and making one another feel good should be enough for the both of you.


Midnight Picnic

Midnight Picnic A classic simple romantic thing to do would be to have a picnic. Bring your aphrodisiac-filled meal outdoors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of your backyard, beach, or perhaps a recreational park. Make sure to pack a thick cozy blanket for the two of you to relax on and enjoy the stars. With nothing to distract you but the nature and eating in between talking you two are bound to truly enjoy the alone time with each other more then the date itself. Bring a bottle of wine and loosen up while being romantic. After all, it’s just you two, with no distractions. Simple activities like this leave you time to really enjoy each other’s presence.


Dinner Time!

Dinner Time! No, No, No! Don’t go out for dinner! Prepare a dinner together! Get your aprons on and try a new recipe together! It may not be a popular romantic thing to do but you would be surprised at the outcome and the appreciation you would find in each other afterwards. From preparing, to eating dinner, to cleaning up after, help each other with each task at hand. Maybe light some candles at your dinner table to give it a different appeal than it’s usual. Then after dinner you two can enjoy dessert!


Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk Enjoying each other’s company, working out, and appreciating nature is a wonderful way to get romantic with each other. Talk about things you don’t regularly talk, about like your goals and day dreams. You would be surprised how much you can find out about a person by bringing up topics you usually don’t talk about. And be sure to hold hands!


Road Trip

Road Trip One romantic thing to do is to just get away from it all. Go on a road trip! Even if it’s just a few hours away, explore a new town together. Stop at shops and restaurants along the way. Not only will you find new things to do not too far from home, you two will be with each other. Much like the other romantic things I’ve listed above, you will talk to each other to keep each other entertained. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about each other, the more you two will fall in love with each other. Enjoying new places is exhilarating for couples. Try to enjoy some time away at least once every few months to keep things spicy.


Try Something Different

Try Something Different One romantic thing to do with your partner is to do something you wouldn’t regularly do that he or she likes to do. Show them you care about them by taking interest in what they like. Even if you don’t like it you love him/her and you want to show them that. Not only will your love for them be obvious by the end of the event, their love for you will be stronger seeing that you’ve made an attempt to do something you really didn’t favor just to please him or her.


Go to a Movie

Go to a Movie One famous romantic thing to do with your partner is to go see a movie. It doesn’t have to be a love film — it can be a new action film or even a horror. Hold hands in the theatre. Share a popcorn and a drink and enjoy the time together watching the movie.


Plan Together

Plan Together I read on a website a while back that a creative way to plan something romantic is to do it together. Get together and create a list of romantic things to do with one another. Place the ideas on heart shaped pieces of paper in a jar. Fold the paper and every time you have a chance to spend time together pick a heart out of the jar. Sure you’ve created the items in the jar, but the surprise is in the fact that you don’t know which you’re going to pick. Not only does this make for spontaneity, it also makes for a romantic time for the both of you.


Amusement Park

Amusement Park Enjoy being a kid again for the day with one another. Go to an amusement park and simply enjoy the lights, sounds, laughter, and energy around you. The innocent fun of the day is bound to make for plenty of romantic things to do, from having your pictures taken in a booth, winning prizes for each other, eating elephant ears, going on exhilarating rides together, and just being with each other during the fun time at the carnival.


Go Dancing

Go Dancing For a romantic evening, go to a local club. A lot of towns have jazz or blues music cafes where you can eat your dinner while enjoying a local musician. Enjoy your dinner, whisper in one another’s ears, feed one another, and enjoy the soothing sounds of the jazz while you two dance the night away holding each other close. Perhaps after all the energy you use up dancing, you can go home and give one another massages.

Finding romantic things to do with your partner isn’t always easy. Now that you’re steered in the right direction, and your brain is ticking, make sure to plan right away while you’re in this train of thought! What romantic things do you and your significant other do?

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all of them sound really nice. I love the idea of going to amusement park with my partner. The midnight picnic made me want to cry. The idea sounds so beautiful.

I absolutely LOVE massages!! They're a great way to relax and get comfortable with one another....and they usually lead to more ;) Making dinner together is a great way to bond!! And you might learn how to cook if you're terrible but your partners good!! lol!! The movie is a great idea also!! Afterward you have SO much to talk about because you haven't talked through the whole movie. So you can talk about the movie....if you were even watching it ;) Thanks for the great post :)

Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them! :)

Nice ideas, I love it! I love to few of those w/ my boyfriend next time, haha!


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