8 Romantic Date Ideas ...


8 Romantic Date Ideas ...
8 Romantic Date Ideas ...

When it comes to romance, I think all of us could use just a little bit of help every now and then. We all get advice on what to wear and where to go, why not get advice on what to do? Without further ado, here are 8 romantic date ideas to consider the next time you and your honey are out on a date.

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Candlelight Dinner for Two

Candlelight Dinner for Two Photo Credit: sinkerbeam

We have all seenromantic movies with the candlelight dinners and we've all heard the stories but a candlelight dinner for two really doesn't need to be that cliche. Why not have it at home? Cook together with abottle of wine? That's a whole lot more romantic than a cliche movie moment.


Stargazing on the Roof

Stargazing on the Roof Photo Credit: katie daisy lombardo

There is something very oddly relaxing about laying on the roof and looking up at the sky. It makes you feel like a part of something bigger. Why not share that with your honey? Bring out some cocoa and get to talking. You'll be out there all night with the stars shining brightly above you.


Go Dancing

Go Dancing Photo Credit: NejroN

Pull your special someone close and sway to somegreat music. This date is romantic because although it doesn't allow A LOT of talking, it does allow some and you'll get to hold each other close all night. What could be more romantic than that?



Picnic Photo Credit: Shiroi Kaze

This is another cliche thing that can be very romantic when done correctly. Don't expect everything to be perfect. Just do the best that you can. This is specially a great summer date idea. And hey, picnics are supposed to be relaxing - just keep that in mind!


Recreate the First Date

Recreate the First Date Photo Credit: Diana Pappas

This is something that someone did for me and it was the most romantic thing I've ever experienced. Recreate yourfirst dateand go through all the steps slowly. See just how long it takes for your special someone to realize what you're doing!



Camping Photo Credit: touchingthelight

This is especially fun if the two of you arenature lovers. When you take your significant other out camping you really begin to understand the saying about the rest of the world falling away. When you're out there all alone with just one another it really makes you appreciate the other person. Even sleeping bags and bulky camping clothes won't stop your budding sense of romance.


Movie Night

Movie Night Photo Credit: thelightgatherer

This is romantic in a very domestic way. What's better than being able to sit with someone you love and be completely and totally relaxed? So snuggle up with a blanket and enjoy your movie night. I usually like picking scary movies since it offers the possibility of some extra snuggling ;)


Nighttime Cocoa Stroll

Nighttime Cocoa Stroll Photo Credit: Rick Takagi

Nighttime strolls are definitely more romantic than daytime strolls because you'll begin to feel like you have the whole world to yourselves. Walk along the streets sipping cocoa and admiring the stars and you'll see for yourself just how romantic it can be.

*9 Fall Date Ideas …

Well ladies, I've shared my 8 romantic dateideas, what are a few of yours? Better still, what is the most romantic date that anyone has ever taken you on? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: ykyk&tara

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It might not be very romantic but if your guy likes car races take him to one and have fun together cheering for your favorites. I've done this and the energy is awesome.

Great ideas! Picnics are definitely the best :)

I'm one who always end up doing the same thing! Going to a romatic candle light dinner! :)

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