10 Fun Things to do on a First Date ...


10 Fun Things to do on a First Date ...
10 Fun Things to do on a First Date ...

First Dates have the potential to be seriously awkward when you don’t have the right activity to do or place to go. This is where I come in. I’m here to give you ladies a few "7 Fun Things to do in Chicago …" fun ideas about what to do, 10 to be exact. Just call me the fairy godmother of first dates ;)

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Have a Picnic:

Have a Picnic: Photo Credit: Sílvia Leite

Weather permitting,picnics are a great idea for a first date. There’s food, you’re outdoors, and best of all you can speak to each other without worrying if other people in the area can hear you. Just pack up a basket full of food, a blanket, and head off to your favorite little stream or park and get ready for the perfect first date.


Go Skating:

Product, Transport, Skateboard, Vehicle, Sky, Photo Credit: The Flooz

Skating can be done anywhere, outdoors, at a skating rink, around an empty basement (on second thought an empty basement might NOT be the best place for a first date). It’s great if you stink at it because then you have to hold on really tight to your date *swoon* And if you fall, handle it with grace and laugh at yourself. He will love you for it and my darlings will definitely increase your chances ofgetting a second date!


Go Bowling:

Go Bowling: Photo Credit: Zakiah Ali

Bowling is another first date idea that’s good even if you stink. If you’re good you’ll impress your date with your cannon of an arm, if you stink then do a victory dance (even if you only knock down one pin). Either way, even in the loud atmosphere of the alley, you’ll have a good time. Just don’t walk off with the bowling shoes.


Have a Ping Pong Tournament:

Have a Ping Pong Tournament: Photo Credit: L*aura

What’s better than a game of ping pong? A ping pong tournament! Challenge your date to a game or ten and go crazy with the paddles. It’ll be the perfect chance to show off your mad skills, or lack thereof. Either way, there will be plenty of laughs and good times.


A ping pong tournament isn’t just about showcasing those swift moves across the table. It's a fabulous ice-breaker that helps shed the initial awkwardness and gets both of you moving and laughing. Even if you're not the next Olympic table tennis champ, it's all about having fun and enjoying the playful competition. Plus, it's a great way to start a little flirty banter and cheer each other on. Who knows? The playful rivalry might just turn into a tableside romance.


Play Mini Golf:

Play Mini Golf: Photo Credit: tubes.

Mini Golf is the most played first date game in the history of first dates. There’s a reason for that — mini golf is a little bit of an exercisepaired with a little bit of conversation paired with a lot of frustrated cursing. But none of that matters because it’s good clean fun (provided you don’t swear because you miss your shot) and you and your date have to stick close to each other.


Go Dancing:

Go Dancing: Photo Credit: fraley_tera

I know the cool thing to do lately when you go dancing is to rub your booty all up against people but I’m not talking about that kind of dancing. We’re women okay? On a first date dance like a lady. Your date will be holding you close and it’ll be oh-so- romantic! Plus going dancing means you get to wear your best clothes and look hot on that first date. There will be swooning, fun and romance....is that perfect or is that perfect?


Play Pool:

Play Pool: Photo Credit: ukaaa

Pool is a fun game! And this is another first date idea where it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at the game. If you’re good, you will impress your date with crazy jump tricks and bank shots. If you’re bad, your date will have to teach how to aim and shoot. Either way,you will have a good time.


Playing pool can be intimate and playful, offering plenty of opportunities for light-hearted competition and banter. It's the perfect activity to break the ice as you can chat and flirt over the pool table. Plus, if there happens to be a jukebox, you can take turns picking songs, setting the mood for an even more enjoyable evening. Whether you're lining up the perfect shot or just goofing around, remember that it's all about having fun and getting to know each other. So chalk up, call your shots, and enjoy the shared experience.


Paint Pottery:

Paint Pottery: Photo Credit: shandragh

Let out that creative being and paint some pottery! It’s inexpensive and a great way to spend a night with your date. It gets the creative juices flowing and conversation is pretty easy and plus it makes for a date that's both romantic and fun. Talk about anything from color choices for your pieces to how scary some of the pre-sculpted pieces are!


Go for Coffee:

Go for Coffee: Photo Credit: fraley_tera

Having coffee has always been and will always be a great first date. You have something to sip when you need a minute to think of a witty response to what your date is saying. You’ll also get a nice quiet place to talk. And it usually is an easyway to break the ice!


Go to the Zoo:

Go to the Zoo: Photo Credit: floridapfe

That’s right folks, zoos aren’t just for kids anymore. You and your date can take a romantic stroll around the zoo and take a look at all of the wonderful animals. It will feel like you’re traveling the world in just a few short feet. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Well ladies I’ve given you all of my fun fist date ideas, now I think it’s time you shared a few of yours! What fun first dates have you been on? What fun first dates would you like to go on? Tell me all about them!

Top Photo Credit: Diamond Lips -BHR

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Wonderful ideas!! :) I'd love to do all these not only for first dates but with my husband to be boyfriend! :) I wish we had a skiing arena here in Malta! :( Cause of course I wouldn't expect sking outside on snow as we never saw what snow looks like here!

I love Ping Pong and Dancing :) they are always fun. If I remember correctly last year I've been to the zoo 2 times :) it was fun too. The zoo in Novosibirsk ( Siberia) it's huge and I've never seen so many animals. :)

ok well i have never had a first date but i surely would want one only these sound alittle out of my comfort zone i pretty much only do these with the besties. what about a movie is that ok???

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