21 New Hobbies to Try ...

Summer is the best time to do new things! Why not try a new hobby, too? New hobbies are a great way to make new friends and uncover new talents! Not sure what hobby is right for you? Checkout my list of new hobbies to try, and see if thereโ€™s something here that piques your interest!

1. Geo-caching

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If youโ€™re something of a tech-head, or have ever dreamed of being a treasure-hunting pirate, then this is the hobby for you! Geo-caching is a high-tech treasure hunt with two main components, the hide and the seek. Some hobbyists hide treasure capsule, others find them. Geo-cachers use their GPS devices and a series of clues in an online logbook to hunt down caches, then add new clues and return the cache to its original location for someone else to find! To get started, check out the official global GPS cache hunt site at geocaching.com. So much fun, so addictive!

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