7 Best Celebrity Blogs ...


7 Best Celebrity Blogs ...
7 Best Celebrity Blogs ...

The thing I love most about this celebrity gossip blog is the LINKS post. Now you might that it's a weird thing to like but the LINKS posts of this particular blog come with interesting/funny/strange photos and stories. Seriously, you have to check them. Of course, you also get your dose of celebrity gossip and starlet watch.

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Celebrity Bride Guide

Want to know which of your fave celebrities are going to tie the knot next? Want to know if the engagement of your crush actor will lead to an actual wedding? If so, this blog is for you. From collections of beautiful celebrity wedding gowns to the latest engagement stories, this blog got you covered. And doesn't the layout just make you think of all lovely things that weddings bring?


Celebrity Smack! Who rules over at Celebrity Smack? Spicy, of course! And yes, she has spicy posts. It's always fun to read a celebrity blog that shows exactly how the blogger feelsabout the celebrities he or she writes about. I like how she keeps it real. Oh yeah, did I mention that she's funny?


Celebrity Smack! is a blog written by Spicy, who is known for her spicy posts. She writes about celebrities with a unique perspective, and it's always fun to read her posts. She's not afraid to voice her opinion, and doesn't hold back when it comes to expressing her thoughts. She has a great sense of humor, and her posts are often quite funny.

The blog covers a wide variety of topics, from celebrity gossip to entertainment news. Spicy also shares her own stories and experiences, which adds a personal touch to the blog. She has a great eye for interesting stories and is always up to date on the latest news.

In addition to the blog, Celebrity Smack! also has a podcast where Spicy interviews celebrities and talks about the latest news. She also posts videos and photos from her travels, which gives her readers a glimpse into her life.


Celebitchy Celebitchy, the blog that shares my John Hamm obsession. And interest in all Brangelina rumors. The posts are well-written, too. Of course, it helps that the writers are smart and funny. You will not find just any random photo of a random celebrity doing something random as walking on Hollywood here. Celebitchy got real news. Or gossip.


I'm Not Obsessed Not obsessed with anything related to celeb-land? If I say I'm not, I will be in denial country. I check celebrity gossip blogs every day, it's kinda sad. But I don't care because it's fun. And one fun blog out there is I'm Not Obsessed. Owned by the lovely Vera, this is another great siteto add to your list of celebrity sites. Contains real news and gossip, and not just photos with no stories. Because sometimes, photos just don't matter. It comes with an extra Fashion blog and a blog for mommies, too.


Have U Heard? How often do you start a story with "Have you heard...?" Too often, right? This is why and how two best friends started Have U Heard. Another fun blog to read to know what 's going on in the lives of ourfavorite celebrities. A plus is updates on some TV shows famous today. This is a good thing for me because I don't watch TV.


the Fab Life The Fab Life --- don't we all want it? But if you'd rather witness how brightly the stars shine on celebrities, reading The Fab Life is your ticket. The fabulous lives of celebrities are not the only stories on this site, though. You also get your usual suspects: rumors, funny stories, tragedies. And check out their compilation posts, too. Much like the posts we have here at All Women Stalk and just as fun.


The Fab Life is a popular celebrity blog that focuses on the lives of the rich and famous. They cover everything from the latest rumors and funny stories to tragic events. The Fab Life also features a compilation of posts from other celebrity blogs, so readers can easily access a variety of content.

The blog is updated daily, so readers can stay up to date with the latest celebrity news. They also offer exclusive interviews with stars, as well as exclusive photos and videos. The Fab Life also features a section dedicated to fashion and beauty, so readers can get the inside scoop on the latest trends.

The Fab Life also covers a variety of topics, ranging from health and fitness to relationships and parenting. They also have a section dedicated to entertainment, so readers can find out what their favorite celebrities are up to. The Fab Life also has an active community of readers, so readers can interact with each other and share their thoughts and opinions.

The Fab Life is an excellent source of entertainment and information for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest celebrity news. The blog is well-written and easy to navigate, and the content is always up to date. The Fab Life is a great resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest celebrity gossip.

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I've never really been into celeb blogs (i mostly watch whatthebuck :D) but I'll check some of these out. they look interesting!

#1 Think about this : Jennifer Lopez -Ex Husbands : actor Ojani Noa, dancer Chris Judd, Singer Marc Anthony, two children:.She supposedly got involved Ben Affleck 2001-2 and Engagement 2002, call it off in 2004. That was 2 years they were in and out of their relationships? Then Ben Affleck marrys Jennifer Garner has children: Violet 16,Seraphina 13, Samuel 10. Jennifer Garner really loved Ben Affleck cause she went out of her way many times to help him with his alcoholism and not to mention she had few children by him as well. So how long will the relationship Ben with Lopez last ? Will it be 2yrs?

great links! xoxo m.

Thank you!! This is a great compliment and couldn't come from a better website!!

I honestly have never read any of these. I like popeater and thesuperficial (even though sometimes the posts a little too "blunt" for my taste)

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