8 Best Pagan Websites ...


8 Best Pagan Websites ...
8 Best Pagan Websites ...

If you find yourself becoming interested in the subject of Paganism, it’s not easy to know where to turn for information. You may find a few books in your local library, but pagans are hard to find – many people are reluctant to discuss their paganism openly owing to prejudice, and there aren’t any pagan churches you can pop into! Fortunately there are a vast number of websites you can check out to find out more.

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the Witch’s Voice Witchvox is one of the most respected websites in the pagan community. It’s been on the net since 1997. One of the useful features of this site is that you can check out where local meets are taking place, if you want to get to know other pagans in your area.


The Witch’s Voice, or Witchvox, is a well-respected website in the pagan community. Launched in 1997, it has become a go-to resource for pagans around the world. It contains a wealth of information on paganism, including articles, events, and resources.

The site also offers an interactive map of local pagan gatherings, making it easy for pagans to find and connect with other like-minded individuals in their area. This feature allows pagans to meet in person and form communities, which can be invaluable for networking and furthering their practice.

In addition to its online presence, Witchvox also hosts an annual gathering in the United States. This event, called the Witchstock Festival, is designed to bring together pagans from all over the world for a weekend of celebration and learning. The festival includes workshops, rituals, and music, as well as vendors offering a variety of goods and services.


Pagan Federation This is a UK site but has links to pagan groups around the world. The Pagan Federation has been going for nearly 40 years with the aim of providing information about paganism and to put right misconceptions about our religion. You can find useful descriptions of paganism, the different pagan religions, festivals, plus buy a subscription to the magazine ‘Pagan Dawn’.


Fiona Horne Fiona Horne is definitely the glam side of witchcraft! Very well-known among modern witches, Fiona is also a singer, and has published several books. I would recommend Fiona for a fun yet informative introduction to witchcraft for women (by the way, witches never do bad!).


Cassandra Eason Cassandra is another highly-respected author on witchcraft. I have some of her books in my collection, and recommend them if you’re looking for a more serious approach. Her website is packed full of information about spells, healing, and the courses and services that she offers.


Cassandra Eason is widely recognized for her expertise on various forms of divination, including crystal gazing and tarot. For those delving into mysticism or seeking guidance on a spiritual path, her literature serves as an essential repository of wisdom. Her site not only delves into her written works but also offers personal consultations, which can be a transformative experience for seekers. For the modern practitioner eager to meld ancient practices with contemporary lifestyles, Eason's insightful perspectives on pagan traditions are both enlightening and practical.


Religious Tolerance As the name suggests, this site promotes religious tolerance, and has lots of articles and comments about outside attitudes towards paganism and witchcraft. It could be especially useful if you are interested in paganism, but are worried about what people around you might say.


Religious Tolerance is a website dedicated to promoting religious tolerance and understanding. It features a variety of articles and comments about outside attitudes towards paganism and witchcraft. The site is an invaluable resource for those interested in paganism, as it provides an open and accepting environment to discuss and learn about the subject.

The website was founded in 1997 by Bruce Robinson, a Canadian-born author and researcher. Robinson has written extensively on the topic of religious tolerance and has been a guest on many radio and television programs. He has also been featured in numerous publications, including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and the National Post.

The website is home to a wide variety of information on paganism, witchcraft, and other related topics. It includes articles on the history and practice of paganism, as well as resources and tips for those looking to learn more. It also offers advice on how to handle negative responses from family and friends, and provides a safe space for those who may feel uncomfortable discussing their beliefs with others.


the White Goddess The name of this site reflects the importance of female deities in the pagan world. There are some excellent resources on topics such as crystals, the meaning of colors, goddesses and animal spirits. If you are feeling isolated in your beliefs, the chatroom would be a useful place to ‘meet’ like-minded people.


The White Goddess website is truly an oasis for those drawn to pagan wisdom and practices. The content here is diverse and educational, offering insight into divination methods, moon phases, and sabbats — the seasonal festivals observed in the pagan calendar. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, the articles and forums provide a welcoming space for discussion, learning, and connecting with others on a spiritual path. The community vibe is strong, and the site often feels like a digital coven where all are welcome to explore and grow their knowledge.


Pagan Partners If you are a committed pagan, and looking for a partner who shares your beliefs, then there is even a dating site for you! Gay or straight, all are catered for, and you may just find the pagan partner of your dreams here!


Pagan Webshop Everything you could possibly want for your rituals and spells is on sale here! It’s a UK based site, but ships worldwide. You can also buy jewelry, candles, clothing and books.

There are so many sites on the web, but these should get you started! Are you interested in paganism or withcraft – what are your favorite sites?

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I have been a witch for three years. though my mother sally has been one her whole life i want to find out more about the religon and other witches that I can communicate with i hate beeing alone in my quest.

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