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Whether you are a cat or dog person, I'm sure you will love these best blogs written by cats. Prepare yourself for a furry and adorable journey into the feline mind. Grab a catnip and enjoy the ride.

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I Am Maru Maru lives in Japan and he is very famous on YouTube. In fact, he has won many YouTube Awards. I am sure you have seen some of his videos where he tries to jump into boxes of all sizes. When I am feeling particularly blue, Maru's blog always cheers me up. This round furball gets into all kinds of adventures and is just the cutest! His photos are simply fantastic, too. Maru is simply one of the best blogs written by cats out there.


Daisy the Curly Cat Daisy is one sassy cat. Among these best blogs written by cats, I think hers is the one that shows how fashion can be part of the feline world, too. Daisy is joined by Harley on her quest to find the most fabulous cat outfits one can possibly catwalk in. Visit her blog for a good dose of cuteness.


the Adorable Smudgie This blog is not updated quite often but I think it's still one of the best blogs written by cats we have today. Why? Because Smudgie is one fantastic storyteller! She tells intriguing stories about their human, Jack, and the other cats living in the house. The best posts are the ones where she proposes ideas on how cats can rule the world. Good times, good times.


Sparkle Sparkle is a very cute cat who has written a book and won awards for her blog. Yes, you read that right. If you read Sparkle's blog, you will find fantastic information on how to make humans do whatever it is that cats want. Of course, her photos are also adorable. Check out her blog for some laughs and cuteness that cannot be contained by your computer monitor. Bonus: there's none of that "i can haz" cat-speak that many cat blogs use.


Mr. Puddy Not only does Mr. Puddy have one of the best blogs written by cats out there, he also has the funniest. Puddy gets into a lot of adventures, climbing things, exploring their yard, and doing just about anything that an energetic cat is curious to do. The parts I love about his blog are the silly drawings and the photos where he gives the most hilarious expressions.


Katnip Lounge This is one of the best blogs written by cats that has multiple authors. We are talking about 13 cats! That's right, 13. This number sure makes for one very interesting blog. You will love this blog for the many wonderful things that these crazy cats do every day. From supervising their mommy and daddy to chasing small reptiles to rolling around in the sand, these cats have fun stories to tell.


William of Mass Destruction This is a fun blog written by adorable cats living in New Mexico. These cats got attitude. And they photograph beautifully! They know it, too, judging by the way they ham it up for the camera. Read their blog to know how to look cute while looking bored, napping, or sitting on the counter.

*phew!* Writing this took a long time because I just had to re-check my fave photos on these best blogs written by cats. Do you have a favorite? We'd love to know what it is!

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My favourite is the adorable smudgie. It is very funny but actually quite clever, For example the '13 Days' blog is actually based on the Cuban Missille Crisis with the cats playing the Americans and dogs playing Russians - which I'm not sure everyone got. many of the blog posts are like this - clever and witty without drawing attention to itself.

I agree with your choices - especially MY blog! I am proud to call most of these cats (including ALL 13 Katnip Lounge cats) my very good pals!

Oh thank you! I am so proud and honored to have made your list. I am smiling real big!

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