7 Top EBay Blogs ...

The eBay Blogs that I have gathered here cover selling tips, insider information, and style features that will surely make fashionistas happy. I confess that I love eBay. I think I do about 80% of my online shopping on eBay. If you are as huge a fan as I am, you will love these top eBay blogs, too, for sure. These top eBay blogs are not just for buyers, though; most of them are perfect resources for sellers as well.

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The eBay Selling Coach is Suzanne Wells. Hers is one of the top eBay blogs today for many reasons. She has been selling since 2003 and is a Power Seller. From her blog: The challenge of operating an eBay business has been exciting and has evolved into a new mission: helping other entrepreneurs find success on eBay and enjoy the freedom of working from home. If you want fantastic tips on how to succeed as an eBay seller, Suzanne is your gal.

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