8 Great Knitting Blogs ...


8 Great Knitting Blogs ...
8 Great Knitting Blogs ...

Knitting Blogs are the websites you must visit if you want to make yourself something warm for the coming colder months. For those who want to explore more craft blogs, I suggest that you check out these great knitting blogs. From tutorials to tips on where to buy yarn to photos of fun projects, these great knitting blogs are here to help.

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Crazy Aunt Purl

This is one of the great knitting blogs today because Laurie is funny, inspiring, and yes, fantastic with the knitting needles. From her blog: "...discovered knitting and was living all alone with some insomnia and some Cheetos and a herd of felines and I took to knitting as if it would keep me sane and tethered to the world." She is one of my favorites; she makes me laugh and motivates me to simply be better.


LollyKnitting around

LollyKnitting around Who is Lolly? Well, aside from having one of the great knitting blogs today, Lolly (Lauren, actually) is one crafty lady who is passionate about writing and books. And knitting, of course. Her blog is a great resource for patterns. The best part: they're free!


Live since 2004, this blog is one of the go-to websites for anyone who loves to knit. I love this blog because Stephanie is funny; her posts will most definitely make you smile. And inspire you to go knitting, crafting, or simply create something that you can be proud of.


the Purl Bee Without a doubt, this is one of the great knitting blogs out there. In fact, it may be one of the best sewing and crocheting blogs, too. This is the website to visit if you are looking for crafting inspiration and tips. Aside from the tutorials, techniques, and patterns, I love this blog because it is easy on the eyes and the photos are simply beautiful.


Here we have two ladies writing to each other about knitting and other fun crafty stuff. These ladies are Kay and Ann. And this is one of the great knitting blogs we have today because they show you what fun times you can have by, well, knitting. Read up, try their patterns, make yourself something cosy.


Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed Now THIS is a blog for yummy photos and projects that are simply delightful. You can't expect anything less from a man who designs knitwear and is an avid photographer, really. To browse this blog is to find yourself uttering "Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!" Also: "OMG WANT!"


Wendy Knits

This is one of the top blogs to check out for fun knitting projects and stories surrounding a crafty life. This is also a great blog to visit if you want free patterns. If you happen to love cats, Wendy Knits will surely delight you. The other star of this blog? Lucy, the beautiful ragdoll kitty.


Knit and Tonic Author, knitter, mother, and all-around Wonder Woman, Wendy has one of the great knitting blogs today. She has written two books on the subject; make sure that you get copies if you can't visit her blog often.

So those are the great knitting blogs to keep you busy as the cold winds welcome the turning of the year. I hope that these great knitting blogs inspired you to be more creative.

Tell me, which of these great knitting blogs do you happen to love?

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