9 Wonderfully Informative Hong Kong Blogs ...


9 Wonderfully Informative Hong Kong Blogs ...
9 Wonderfully Informative Hong Kong Blogs ...

Hong Kong Blogs show you where to eat and how to get the most out of life in this part of Asia. The informative Hong Kong blogs I have gathered here cover just about everything. Some of these Hong Kong blogs are guides for living in this vibrant city, where to eat, and what to cook. We also have blogs here that will show you where to buy items to stay stylish and beautiful in Hong Kong.

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Without a doubt, Batgung is one of the best Hong Kong blogs out there. It is written by two expats who married local ladies and now call Hong Kong their home. If you want travel guides, advice on how to deal with the locals, business tips, and just about anything Hong Kong, Batgung is the blog to read.


Hongkie Town This blog is owned by Spike. From the blog: Born and bred in The Bronx but have been calling Hong Kong home for more than 12 years. Hongkie Town is a great blog to check out for photos, events, social commentary, and more. Bookmark now!



Butterboom is a fashion and celebrity blog and is one of the top Hong Kong blogs today. This blog sets to "butter up your Hong Kong." If you want to know where to shop and find inspiration to be stylish in this city, Butterboom is the blog for you. They showcase "the things that are important to fashionistas, trendsetters and shopaholics in Hong Kong!"


Taste Hong Kong This is most probably the most beautiful among these amazing Hong Kong blogs. It is a must-bookmark for several reasons: it's a food blog with incredibly yummy recipes, the photos are heartbreakingly beautiful, the travel posts are fun, too.


This used to be Hemlock's Diary. For no holds barred opinion on Hong Kong politics and day-to-day living, this is the blog to check out. Even if you are a first-time visitor, a few pages down the archives will get you a good glimpse of what life is really like in Hong Kong. Bonus: this blog is funny and well-written.


Life as a Bon Vivant This is another food blog that shows you the many culinary delights that await you in Hong Kong. If you are wondering where to eat in Hong Kong or what local recipes to try, this is one of the best blogs for you to check out. Highlights are on reviews and posts on various sights. Posts on travel to other countries are quite delightful, too.


Peppered with style, yummy food, sass, and all things fab, this is a blog for any fashionista who wants to live in Hong Kong. Or someone stylish who dreams about moving to this city. The owner of this blog is Rach Read. She is one adorable and beautiful lady who brings us great posts on where to eat, where to shop, and where to live a fun life in Hong Kong.


Living La Vida Rita This is a fashion blog of one adorable lady living in Hong Kong. Apart from the outfit photos, this is a great blog to check out if you want to know where to enjoy thrift shopping in the city. This blog also offers a glimpse of Hong Kong via gorgeous photos.


This is most definitely one of the top Hong Kong blogs out there. This is the ultimate blog to check out for information on where to eat, shop, drink, and have a fantastic time in Hong Kong. It doesn't hurt that the blog is easy on the eyes, has a reader-friendly layout, beautifully written, and is incredibly helpful.

There you have some of the best Hong Kong blogs. Do these Hong Kong blogs make you want to visit this Asian city now? Well, you should, you should. While you save up for a ticket, why don't you bookmark and become a fan of these top Hong Kong blogs?

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