10 Fantastic Preppy Style Blogs ...


10 Fantastic Preppy Style Blogs ...
10 Fantastic Preppy Style Blogs ...

Preppy Style Blogs are your fashionable gateways to the good life. From blazers to plaid and nautical details to closet items that last generations, these fantastic preppy style blogs are your guides. The best part of these fantastic preppy style blogs is that they offer us a glimpse into what it's like to live like Blair Waldorf. Are you excited? Let's check them out!

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For all things classic and pretty, the Preppy Princess is one fantastic preppy style blog to check out. Aside from the fashion-related finds, this blog is also filled to the brim with details perfect for a preppy life.


This is the blog of Muffy Aldrich. As far as preppy blogs go, hers is one of the genuine articles. Not only does she have the real preppy life, she is helpful when it comes to guiding us on how to live (or dress) like she does, too. From one of her top posts: I don't own jeans, nor does anyone in my family. I believe they are not preppy, and most of the time when someone is wearing jeans, he or she would simply look better in khaki canvas pants. Those who love jeans shouldn't be turned off by that statement; Muffy is a delight, I promise.


Muffy Aldrich embodies the quintessential New England charm often associated with the classic preppy aesthetic. On the Daily Prep, readers indulge in her stories of tennis skirts, cable-knit sweaters, and the intricate details of hosting the perfect garden party. Her insights extend beyond fashion, offering a window into a lifestyle steeped in tradition, yet with a modern twist. Her advice, whether on the correct monogramming etiquette or the ideal preppy summer reading list, doesn't shy away from the authentically preppy. It's a celebration of a distinct culture, one cable-knit pattern at a time.


Making a list of fantastic preppy blogs without including Ivy Style is a travesty. This gem of a blog focuses more on menswear but anyone who loves all things preppy should bookmark it.


Again, this is another blog that deserves to be on any list of of fantastic preppy style blogs. The man behind this blog is F.E. Castleberry. He's had a tailor since his early teens. His is a life of country clubs, summering outside the big city, and rubbing shoulders with high society. And yes, he dresses up nicely, too.


Beautifully written and real, this is indubitably one of the fantastic preppy style blogs today. From the blog: My ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and wrote the preamble to the Constitution of the United States. No kidding. My great-great grandfather was at J.P. Morgan’s daughter’s wedding in New York in the 1800′s. Also Boss Tweed’s. I graduated from Princeton, and with any luck so will my two children. I’ve been a lot of places, some by private jet. All of this is true. I am not yet sure if it matters. I find the privilege of being alive to be more astonishing than any of the trappings of class and money.

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This is the blog of Kristin. She is an adorable lady who loves dancing and good food. And even though she doesn't say it on her blog, I think she has a fantastic preppy style.


Who is the college prepster? That would be Carly and she is adorably preppy. Not only is her blog a haven of preppy styling ideas, it is also a great resource for those who are struggling to survive college. Give her a visit!


Carly brings a personal touch with her stories of collegial challenges and triumphs, weaving in fashion, lifestyle, and productivity tips. Her blog stands out with its cozy aesthetics and stunning photography, making it a visual treat. If you're in need of some organization inspiration or tips on balancing life and studies with grace, Carly has got you covered. She also shares delightful personal anecdotes and motivation that resonate with her audience, creating a community vibe. Whether you're after the latest preppy trends or seeking guidance through the maze of college life, Carly's insights are sure to enlighten and entertain.


Because you can't have preppy style without loving all things nautical. This is a great blog to check out if are in love with the thought of coastal living. Kate finds the prettiest things with nautical designs, I tell you .


Nautical by Nature is a must-read blog for any preppy fashion lover. Run by Kate, this blog focuses on all things nautical, making it a perfect fit for those who dream of coastal living. Kate's eye for detail and love for nautical designs is evident in every post, making her blog a go-to for outfit inspiration and home decor ideas. With a mix of fashion, travel, and lifestyle content, Nautical by Nature is a well-rounded blog that offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for the perfect striped shirt or tips on how to incorporate nautical elements into your home, this blog has got you covered.


This is one of the fantastic preppy style blogs today for several reasons. One, the styling ideas are reminiscent of Gossip Girl. Two, the lady behind this blog is only 15! And of course, her features on beautiful houses are delightful, too.


Bee's blog is not only heaven for those who love preppy style, hers is also total eye candy and fashion inspiration for any girl who loves dressing up. Her style is beautifully classic. Her photos are gorgeous, too, making her blog a must-bookmark for everyone.

Those are some of the fantastic preppy style blogs we have today. This list of fantastic preppy style blogs is a mixture of genuinely prep and those inspired by the preppy lifestyle. Whether you prefer one over the other, I'm sure you agree with me when I say that these fantastic preppy style blogs are great reads.

Tell me, what do you think of preppy style?

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The Preppy Leopard is great too!

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