7 of the Best Bacon Blogs ...

By Meream

7 of the Best Bacon Blogs ...

Ahhh...Bacon Blogs. They are the ultimate blogs in the world of foodie blogs, some people might say. They have fans from all over the world. They have readers from all walks of life. These best bacon blogs are loved by people who cannot imagine a world without this sweet, savory, and smoky meat. If you truly love bacon, these best bacon blogs are bound to be your favorite websites. And if you are just discovering the wonders of bacon, these best bacon blogs will show you the many ways you can enjoy life with this porky goodness.

1 Royal Bacon Society

Royal Bacon Society With the header alone, no bacon-lover can resist this blog. This is one of the best bacon blogs today for many reasons. First of all, they feature recipes. Another reason to love them is that they have fun posts on all things bacon-related. From gifts to art to some stuff that border on weird, the Royal Bacon Society got you covered.

2 Republic of Bacon

Republic of Bacon From the blog: Bacon is the vegetable for the Gods, and here at the Republic of Bacon we recognize that the love for bacon runs deep in all of us. We aim to be the source of all that is bacon, bringing you the latest bacon recipes, video, pictures and humour. And because they take this goal seriously, we consider them one of the best bacon blogs today. Check them out for fun recipes and bacon news.

3 the Bacon Show

the Bacon Show The Bacon Show posts "one bacon recipe per day, every day, forever." If you think your cooking ideas are limited if you factor in bacon, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Check out this blog for just about every dish you can possibly whip up with bacon by your side.

4 Bacon Today

Bacon Today Bacon Today is one of the best bacon blogs because it is a great resource for all things bacon. From the blog: Bacon Today was founded on the simple principle that a world of bacony goodness exists out there for all to discover and enjoy. If you agree, bookmarking Bacon Today is one thing that you will want to do right this very minute.

5 Skulls & Bacon

Skulls & Bacon Do you like bacon? Do you like skulls? If you answered YES to these questions, Skulls & Bacon is the blog for you. This blog features fun products that feature skulls. And bacon, of course. From home items to posters to jewelry to shirts, Skulls & Bacon are here to show you stuff that you can buy to declare your love for all things bacon. And skulls.

6 the Daily Bacon

the Daily Bacon This the blog of one Michael Baird. He is obsessed with all things bacon. He admits, "I LOVE BACON! I am not ashamed at all to tell you that I can easily eat a pound at one breakfast sitting. How did this love affair start? I honestly don’t recall…but I can tell you that once that sweet meat hits my tongue and that fat starts to melt in my mouth…well I’m in culinary heaven!" If you can relate, you will most certainly love his blog.

7 Mr. Baconpants

Mr. Baconpants This is a "blog about bacon, beer, and everything else." Hmm...bacon and beer. This is most certainly one of the best bacon blogs today; top media outlets agree. They no longer update the blog as often but you can just catch up with the writers on their Podcast, Bacon Live.

So those are some of the best bacon blogs out there. If these have made your tongue water and crave bacon, then my work here is done. Before you go to the kitchen and make yourself a BLT, I suggest that you bookmark these best bacon blogs first.

What other best bacon blogs do you read? We'd love to know!

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Oh - I just realized this may be a women's site.  Sorry - I just got here by Googling "bacon"....

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