7 Best Fashion Illustration Blogs ...


7 Best Fashion Illustration Blogs ...
7 Best Fashion Illustration Blogs ...

The Best Fashion Illustration Blogs help elevate the artistic element of fashion to a higher level. One look at these best fashion illustration blogs and you know that you are in the presence of truly talented people. I hope that these inspire you. I hope that these best fashion illustration blogs make you love fashion even more.

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Sabine Pieper Hands down, one of the best fashion illustration blogs today is Sabine Pieper. The lady behind this blog creates the most beautiful paintings of fashion editorials, runway looks, and more. Her illustrations are ethereal, graceful, and elegant. It's no surprise that Sabine's work has been included in some fashion illustration books and art exhibits.


Paper Fashion

Paper Fashion Paper Fashion is Kathryn Elyse Rodgers's blog. It is one of the best fashion illustration blogs today for many reasons. Firstly, Kathryn's drawings are simply divine. Also, she has worked with giant companies, such as Coach, Penelope & Coco, Target, and Elle Girl. Kathryn is also someone who works IN the fashion industry. She is an apparel designer.


Birdy & Me Birdy & Me is Kelly Smith's blog. She is all kinds of awesome. Her illustrations are incredibly beautiful, too. She has been published in major magazines, such as Vogue Australia, Cleo, Flare, Pulp, and others. Some of her clients include Net-A-Porter, In Style UK, General Pants Co., and Mambo Goddess. You have to check out her blog and bookmark it, I tell you. Every post is full of artsy goodness.


Igor + André Of course, Igor + André is included in this list of the best fashion illustration blogs. If you follow the world of fashion blogging, you have probably seen some of Danny's works. His Blogger Portrait Series is actually quite famous. And because Danny is so good, he has worked with Forever 21, Harajuku Lovers, and Lancome. Dedication pays off, of course: "I would draw some days for 15 hours straight till my hands were swollen shut."


Fifi Lapin Who is Fifi Lapin? She is one stylish rabbit. And according to Vogue, she is a powerful fashion force. If you have never visited fashion illustration blogs before, I suggest that you make Fifi Lapin one of your first stops. I promise you that a tour of her blog will be full of stylish and squeal-worthy adorableness.


Lula Lula is much like Fifi Lapin in concept. The (illustrated) star of this blog is one stylish brunette named Lula. She wears the most stylish picks from runways and magazine editorials. She has also been known to emulate the style of other fashionable people, such as Carine Roitfeld, Olivia Palermo, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and others


Decade Diary This is Bernadette Pascua's blog. While her posts are not solely dedicated to style, I still consider hers one of the best fashion illustration blogs out there. Maybe because I get weak in the knees when I see gorgeous watercolor paintings. And maybe because her "minimalist" style is noteworthy. Give her blog a visit and I'm sure you'll love her drawings as much as I do.

Aren't these best fashion illustration blogs inspiring? For those who love to draw, these best fashion illustration blogs are great resources for inspiration and tips. But even if you can't draw a decent stick figure, these blogs are still wonderful websites to follow if you want a daily dose of amazing.

So which of these best fashion illustration blogs do you love?

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