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7 Phenomenal Petite Fashion Blogs ...

By Meream

Petite Fashion Blogs are truly delightful to browse. Not only because I am tiny and I get a lot of styling inspiration from them, but also because these petite fashion blogs are easy on the eyes. And I am jealous of the heel-wearing skills of these bloggers. Apart from the styling inspiration, these petite fashion blogs have owners that are simply too adorable and magnetic to ignore.

1 Her Waise Choice

This is the blog of Jen Tam. She is one fashionable lady who will surely inspire you to play with layers, be girly, and rock tights. Hers is one of the phenomenal petite fashion blogs today, for sure. I love her outfits and her outfit photos, too.

2 I Am Style-ish

This is one of the phenomenal petite fashion blogs today for many reasons. First and foremost, Tiffany has fantastic style. She rocks at accessorizing. Secondly, her photos are simply fantastic. It helps that Tiffany and her husband are photographers. I love the non-fashion posts on the blog, too, such as recipes to yummy-looking food.

3 Extra Petite

We can't make a list of phenomenal petite fashion blogs without including Jean's gem of a website. From the blog: This blog is about my experiences and challenges faced while building a wardrobe of pieces that actually fit and flatter my figure. If you are petite and you are looking for great tips on dressing up for the workplace, Extra Petite got you covered.

4 Alterations Needed

Not only is Alterations Needed a great blog that offers fashion inspiration, it is also a brilliant resource for knowing how to dress according to your body type. If you are only starting on your "dressing up more fashionably" adventures, reading Alterations Needed is a must.

5 Cute & Little

If I had a penny for the number of times I've heard those two words to describe me, I'd be able to buy a decent pair of designer shoes. But enough about my petite woes; let's focus on Kileen, the gorgeous lady behind Cute & Little. Kileen's is one of the phenomenal petite fashion blogs today because she has amazing style. And she knows her colors.

6 I Am Khatu

This is another petite fashion blogger to follow. For inspirations on dressing up, refashioning vintage clothing, and other DIY projects, I am Khatu is one fantastic blog to bookmark.

7 Wendy's Lookbook

Wendy's Lookbook is not only one of the phenomenal petite fashion blogs today, it is also one of the best in the world of style blogging. There are many things to love about Wendy's blog. The photos are gorgeous, her outfits are simply divine. But really, the star of this blog is Wendy. She is one amazing lady who deserves admiration for more than just her style.

Aren't these phenomenal petite fashion blogs awesome? When I'm down in the dumps, style-wise, I give these petite fashion blogs a peek. One quick browse is all I need to know what my next cute outfit is. For those who are tiny and wondering how you can be stylish in the world of "bigger" clothes, consider these phenomenal petite fashion blogs your stylists. I know I do.

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