10 Best Fashion Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Fashion Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Fashion Blogs for Women ...


The ladies behind this great fashion blog want to showcase being fashionable on a budget. I love their category on cheap but chic vintage finds. This blog will help you become a fun, fashionable female courtesy of a flea market!

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the BAG BLOG All women love bags and this blog is just pure heaven. This blog is great because not only does it feature wallet-breaking bags from top designers but also ones designed by independent artists.


FABSUGAR I love all blogs on the Sugar Network. Fabsugar is great because you will have firsthand information on what your favorite celebrities are wearing. The lady behind the blog (appropriately named Fab) also shares amazing deals on fashion finds, be they on eBay, online stores, and others.


I AM FASHION Isn't a great idea to get the blog's name from a Coco Chanel quote? Sadly, the blog has closed. But more than four years of fashion archives is enough to make this a fashion-blog-must-stalk.


GO FUG YOURSELF Fashion with an attitude but not the kind of attitude you'd love. This blog may feature what NOT to wear but I still love watching what atrocious items celebrities wear. We can all learn from their mistakes, anyway.


MY LOVELY BIG FEET I have small feet so I feel for the lovely lady who started this blog. Her plight may be at the end of the spectrum but it really is hard to find shoes if you don't have an average-sized feet. Women with big feet, rejoice, because you have just found your saviour.


ORGANIC CLOTHING Green is in, for sure. This blog is fantastic because it is chock full of essential information on eco-fashion. I personally love their tips on taking care of your clothes.


SHOEBLOG The ladies here are seriously addicted to shoes. I live vicariously through them because it is impossible for me to buy all great shoes in the world. Thankfully, the ladies here post photos and experiences on shoes and they are enough to keep me satisfied.


STYLE BUBBLE I love this girl's fresh outlook on fashion. Of course, the stories that go along her photos are just as interesting. If you don't watch it, you'll spend hours reading every post.


FASHION under $100 I have lost count of the instances when I saw what a favorite celebrity is wearing and wished that I could copy her style. Thankfully, I discovered this amazing blog. For under $100, you will be able to copy a favorite celebrity's style and no one will ever know the difference!

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I like it. Woman related topics available here.

The maxi dress is definitely cheap but chic. Categorically true ; - )

Thank you for this great resource of top notch fashion blogs. I hope one day my blog and fashion label are up there too.

Good list.. thanks for sharing.

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