5 Must Stalk Fashion Blogs ...


5 Must Stalk Fashion Blogs ...
5 Must Stalk Fashion Blogs ...

A lucky few are born with an innate sense of style. Everything they put on looks splendid... flawless... fashionable. The rest of us need some help. So here are my picks for 5 must stalkFashion blogs because a little inspiration goes a long way...

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Style Bard Shoes We all agree that a girl can never own enough shoes. And that can be quite a dilemma when the wallet doesn't agree. Enter Style Bard Shoes. A blog by a shoe lover about amazing online shoe deals that you wouldn't want to miss! Trust me!


Die Young, Stay Pretty. Die Young, Stay Pretty. I love photography and I'm always on the look out to bookmark amazing photography sites. And from the looks of it, Miss Gemma Kirk is part of the same club. A combination of beautiful and bizarre fashion photos alike, Die young, stay pretty is a visual delight. The perfect blog for a lazy day online when you don't want to engage in much reading...


Go Fug Yourself Go Fug Yourself Let this blog be your bible for what NOT to do fashion wise! Ofcourse, I love the site more for the witty, bitchy comments on poor unsuspecting celebs by the blog's "fuggers" as they like to call themselves. Makes for some really entertaining reading! And it's always fun to know that noone's perfect and everyone makes a fashion booboo sooner or later...


Style Bubble Style Bubble Style Bubble If eclectic/ funky is your thing, do stop by. The blog itself is a giant puzzle of London based Susie's personal styles, photoshoots, fashion shows, haute couture, street fashion, suggestions for fashion must-haves, labels, labels and more labels. Trust me you could get lost if you don't pay attention. What I love most are photographs of Susie donning bizarre, eye-popping outfits that you'd really have to see to believe and the funny thing is she totally manages to carry them off and boy does that make me envious! In her words, eclecticism is key to her style... no colour is off-limits, no style is forgotten, no period of fashion neglected and anything goes!


the Sartorialist the Sartorialist the Sartorialist If you love fashion, trust me you do NOT want to miss out on this. The Sartorialist by Scot Schuman is simply a collection of photographs of amazing fashion from the streets. What started off as a New York city project now includes Milan, London and Paris! Thousands of pictures of real people from fashion capitals of the world and what they consider chic. What better inspiration can there be...

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What a wonderful blogs! I have simply fallen in love with them and ready to look through hours!

i love the style buble,and also the Sartorialist its really cute but at the same time its really outgoing.

this post TOTALLY inspired me to FINALLY start my fashion/celebrity whoring blog!!! great post!

The electric blue pair with frills (style bard shoes) seem great for a party.

I'm so glad you guys loved the post. The Sartorialist is my all time favorite too! Ofcourse all the other blogs are brilliant too. It never ceases to amaze me...all the creativity out there.

hey thanks so much for the lovely words!

oh thank you!!!! that warms my heart <3

I love Susie. All of her outfits are so killer

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