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5 Extreme-ities Styling Posts to BlogStalk ...

By Meream

1 for the Feet: Wrap Boots

Boots that you wrap around your feet. One word: GENIUS. They come in great colors, too!

2 for the Hands: Mittens

Because you have to keep warm and must do it in a stylish way. These cute mittens will surely keep you fashionable all throughout the colder seasons.

3 for the Feet: Leopard Pumps

If you have to attend an event and you don't know what to wear, consider building your outfit around your shoes. That's how this lovely fashion blogger did it and she looked great.


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4 for the Hand: Clutches

Clutches are in and they have gotten bigger and cuter. Take a pick at these selected pretty clutches over at College Candy.

5 for the Feet: Louboutin Knock-Offs

It's great if you can afford a Louboutin pair or two but not all of us are so lucky. Thank goodness there are manufacturers who produce shoes much like the expensive ones.
Top Image by **Pink Sherbet Photography**

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