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5 Gift Guide Posts to BlogStalk ...

By Meream

1 for the Health Freak

Do you know someone who is so healthy that looking at him or her is a blow to your self-esteem? Since it's Christmas, we can stop hating them for a bit and get them these gifts.

2 for the Handmade-Lover with Strange Taste

This list has gifts that is borderline strange, edgy, funny, and eclectic. If you know someone who fit all those, find your perfect gift here.

3 More for the Health Freak

Great gifts for those who want to be fit or fitter in 2010. If you want a healthier lifestyle, you can buy these for your own enjoyment as well.

4 for the Kind of Man You'd Love to Hate

The perfect gifts for the Jon Gosselins, Al Bundys, golfers in your life. If you don't know men like those, just hop on over to the post for a good laugh.

5 More for Those Who Love Handmade

If you have time to make gifts this Christmas (lucky you), consider these ideas. I, for one, would love to give and receive the cookies in a jar.
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