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5 Bling Posts to BlogStalk...

By Meream

1 Feathered and Sophisticated

Classy Classic Costume. Those are three C words that I'm sure you'll describe these feather pieces by Kenneth Jay Lane.

2 Bling 'N Boot

In other words, bling accessories for your boots. This way, you won't have to buy a new pair every time a new trend in boots design come out.

3 Brad, Angelina, and the Serpent

Bran and Angelina have designed a jewelry collection [top image is a sample] with Asprey. Proceeds will be for children of conflict. Methinks Angelina was inspired by her Kung Fu Panda character.


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4 Laser Cut = Laser Cute

Susie Bubble sure knows her accessories. These laser cut pieces that she is raving about are truly wonderful. They are by Stolen Thunder.

5 Gypsy on a Fancy Day

Even if you love Gypsy fashion and lifestyle, you have to admit that your life is not an all-around carefree ride. For days when you need to be formal and fancy, Twisted Silver pieces are perfect company.

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