10 Reasons to Start a Blog Today ...


10 Reasons to Start a Blog Today ...
10 Reasons to Start a Blog Today ...

On allwomenstalk.com, I find a lot of interesting people that both write blogs and comment on my blogs. I do come across a couple of rude comments, but they don’t bother me. On every blog out there, you will find people who are rude. Allwomenstalk.com actually has a nice, friendly environment, which is why I am honored to write for such a great site. As founder, I write for many clients, but the blog ones are my favorite. I also have my own blog. I just started it, but nonetheless, it is still a blog and I do have to put lots of work into it. Below, I am going to give you the top 10 reasons to start a blog today …

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Share Your Knowledge and Interests

Share Your Knowledge and Interests Photo Credit: all taken

It’s always fun to share your knowledge and interests with other people. That is what a blog is. A blog gives one the opportunity to tell others what you are interested in and share knowledge with this.


Promote Your Site

I like to make blogs so that I can promote my site. You would be surprised at how much traffic blogs will bring to your site. This is another reason many Internet marketers create a blog. They advertise their products, sites, and services.


Make Money

Make Money Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Did you know that you can make money with your blog. You have affiliate programs, Adsense and more. The service you choose is perfectly fine with you, but I make money on all of my blogs – it’s pretty easy, but takes a bit of time to get it going.


Get to Write about What You like

I have clients who issue me keywords and I have to write on their keywords. However, with my blog, I do not have someone telling me what to write about. I can write about whatever I like. This is why, on my blog, you will find stuff about World of Warcraft, beauty, fashion, health, relationships and pets – because those are some of my favorite topics.


Never Be Bored Again

Never Be Bored Again Photo Credit: Éole

When you’re sitting there with nothing to do, you can type out some stuff on your blog. With your blog, you are never going to be bored again.


Get to Talk to Others of the Same Interest

Instead of going around and finding other people’s blogs to talk to other people about the things you are interested in, you will have them coming to you. It’s always fun to create a blog, because you get to talk to others.


Could Be Famous One Day

Could Be Famous One Day Photo Credit: Linda Gavin

If you keep your work up, your blog could actually make you famous one day. I mean, you won’t be in Hollywood, but you could end up being well-known online. Doesn’t that sound great?


Raise Awareness

For me, I am concerned about pit bulls. There are so many haters out there. So, I will start a blog on pit bulls soon and I am always sure to put some articles on pit bulls on allwomenstalk.com. With blogs, you can raise awareness.


Get You a Job Opportunity

Did you know that creating a blog is a great way to get a job opportunity? When I have potential clients, I always point them towards one of my blogs or websites where I write content for. This always grabs them in – they usually love my writing style.


It’s Fun

It’s Fun Photo Credit: Helga Weber

I must say that my number one reason to start a blog would be because it is fun. Why is it fun? Well, it’s fun for all of the other reasons I listed above! It’s fun to share your knowledge, make money, spread awareness and so on.

Those are the top 10 reasons to start a blog today. So, are you going to start a blog?

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Great stuff you got here, Melanie! I was wondering if I could take what you've said here and put it into an ebook I want to create for my community and give credit to you of course and "All Womens Talk"? I'm on twitter @uniqueblognet Best, Derek

I have started one but discontinued.........:(

thanks for the inside I'm thinking about doing one I've always enjoyed writing & hoping people enjoy cause I have many interest

How do you start a blog here?

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