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5 Short but Great Posts on ANTB...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. inner beauty
  2. the soaps
  3. customer service
  4. dreams
  5. pause

1 Inner Beauty

This might read like something we've encountered before but we need these reminders every now and then. I like this: Happiness gives you a beautiful glow.

2 the Soaps

Do you watch soap operas? Are you as involved with the shows as Barbara here? I think her confession that she renames the characters is funny.

3 Customer Service

What do you think? Is customer service an obsolete concept? Check out the link to read what Marea has to say about customer service. Or lack of it in our society.

4 Dreams

Times are hard. After graduating, do you consider a career in what you're passionate about? Or would you take any job that will give you money? This was an interesting read.

5 Pause

Do you feel that your life is like a video tape on fast forward? Do you now have many responsibilities that you can't begin to consider how to do all of them TODAY? I'm sure you can relate to this great post.

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