7 Gardening Blogs I Have Written ...


7 Gardening Blogs I Have Written ...
7 Gardening Blogs I Have Written ...

I enjoy all aspects of gardening. I like it so much that writing about it is even a source of joy! Here are 7 gardening blogs I have written. Maybe one of them will answer some gardening questions you have. They might also have interesting information that you didn’t know before.

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5 Ways to Get Children to Help with the Garden This blog has some excellent tips on getting kids interested in gardening. Having kids of my own, I’ve been able to try out these tips first hand. Each one was a great experience for me. If you are looking for ideas on how to teach your kids about gardening, then this blog might help.


5 Tips on Caring for Poinsettias If you find yourself receiving a poinsettia for Christmas this year, then this blog will come in handy. I provide 5 care tips for these beautiful plants to aid you in making them last as long as possible. Too many people have difficulty taking care of poinsettias, so they end up only lasting a single season.


5 Tips on Caring for Koi Fish Quite a bit of information is available on Koi fish. In this blog, I cover 5 basic tips for caring for these beautiful and graceful fish. I’ve had a few friends and an uncle who have all had water gardens built in their backyards. The addition of Koi fish to these water gardens was something that really brought me to realize just how amazing these creatures are.


5 Ways to Attract Squirrels to the Garden This is a great blog if you are looking for ways to draw squirrels to your garden. I know some people who try to deter squirrels, but I find them very entertaining. I imagine that if I had a bird feeder that was constantly being raided by squirrels that I might view these furry little beings in a whole different light. If you’d like to see more squirrels in your yard, then take a look at this article!


5 Tips on Caring for a Christmas Tree Making sure that your tree stays looking healthy for as long as possible during the holidays can be accomplished with this blog piece. These 5 tips are mostly common knowledge, but if you are putting up your very first Christmas tree, then they might be completely new to you. There might be some tips you can pass on to others as well.


5 Tips on Getting Rid of Weeds No one really likes the fact that weeds are an inevitable part of gardening. Getting rid of weeds can be a chore, but the 5 tips in this blog I’ve written might make things a bit easier for you. Each of these tips has helped me to keep the weed population in my garden down to a minimum. I still look forward to planting my garden each spring; even though I know those pesky weeds are just waiting in the ground to pop up right alongside my vegetable plants and flowers!


5 Reasons Gardening Changes My Mood This was a fun blog to write. I’ve always found gardening to be a great form of therapy, both physically and mentally. Being able to boost my mood whenever I walk out to the garden is a benefit that I can’t get a lot of other places. The shear beauty of my garden is enough to make me think happy thoughts all day long. Maybe some of the reasons in this blog are similar ones your garden alters your mood. See what you think!

I hope you get a chance to take a look at least a few of these 7 gardening blogs I have written. They were a blast to write, as most blogs tend to be. I love sharing gardening ideas, techniques, and basic information with other people who find gardening to be enjoyable. Were any of these gardening blogs helpful to you?

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