10 Great Blogs to Inspire You ...


10 Great Blogs to Inspire You ...
10 Great Blogs to Inspire You ...

Do you need a little inspiration in life? If you are tired of the same routine day in and day out, try using the internet to find some fresh ideas. Whether you are into crafting, parenting, photography, or home decorating, you can find lots of great ideas online. Check out these 10 great blogs to inspire you and make a list of projects to try this week.

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This blog is written by a self taught home decorating guru in Charlotte, NC who writes under the handle of “The Nester”. She shares pictures of all her decorating projects and gives you simple tips to makeover your home with little to no money invested. If your home needs a facelift, you will love all the advice you find at the Nesting Place.


When you visit Linny’s blog, you will feel right at home as you read her post and marvel at her story. The pastor’s wife is mother to ten children (with one more on the way) adopted from all over the world. Read as one miracle after another unfolds for her family as they recover from a tragic house fire and travel through international adoptions.


If you have always wanted to be one of the crafty girls, but you just didn’t know how to get started, you will love the Idea Room! It is full of great projects, giveaways, and reviews of the latest products crafters need.


The theme at Make and Takes is taking away ideas for practical things you can make. From recipes to games for your kids to enjoy, this site has thousands of posts to peruse and all of them are fabulous! You will get some many great ideas on this one.


If you have ever caught yourself just rushing through life to get your to do list accomplished, you will gain fresh perspective at Enjoying the Small Things. Written by phenomenal photographer Kelle Hampton, the blog chronicles her journey of finding much in the little as she raises two small daughters, including one with Down’s syndrome.


City girl Ree Drummond started her blog as a hobby to help her escape life on the farm after she married her beloved “Marlboro Man”. Since then, she has taken her creative writing and recipes to a whole new level with two top selling books. If you just want some entertaining reading or some recipes to try, check out Ree’s blog.


You can find “Fashion Fridays” at Big Mama’s blog if you are looking for tips on updating your wardrobe. You will love Melanie’s fun tone and her hilarious stories of motherhood, marriage, and much more.


When life gets tough, write a blog about it. That could be the theme at “Single Infertile Female” where one brave woman is chronicling her journey through infertility treatments and life in the singles scene. You will be inspired by her courage and consumed with her passion to be a mother.


If you need a little romance in your life, check out Love Actually. This blog is stocked full of creative ways to spice up your relationship on a budget.


Written by author Ann Voskamp, this blog is all about exploring the gift of today and the beauty in everyday moments. With her beautiful photographs and exquisite way with words, you will be hooked once you start exploring this one.

When you need some inspiration in life, take some time to read about the lives of others. Get ideas, read stories, and find some comic relief when you visit these 10 great blogs to inspire you. What is your favorite blog to visit when you need inspiration?

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My inspiration is this one. There's something that inspires or provokes me every day. Today it was the post on college courses.

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