9 Ways to a Celebrity Style Home ...

By Neecey

9 Ways to a Celebrity Style Home ...

These shows that peek into the Hollywood homes of celebrities make me crazy. I may never be able to afford the three luxury cars, and just on principal alone I would pass on the pet leopard, even if I could afford it. But there are still things we can do so we don’t feel completely left off the lap of luxury. Transforming your cabin into a castle doesn’t have to be a completely bank bursting experience so here are 9 ways to a celebrity style home.

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Chandelier Glamour

This is instant glamour. I love combing flea markets and antique shops and if I ever find that special second hand chandelier I’ll snap it up. Finding the perfect one for you will depend a lot on your personal tastes and the size of your room. Scale is important in a celebrity style home, so don’t over/under do it. Chandeliers are great no matter what your personal style is. For shabby chic go for a white matte paint job and for a modern turn, try painting it black.


Stunning Table

Underneath your lavish chandelier choose a glossy high end table with sleek chairs. You will be eager to entertain after your home decorating goes Hollywood so make sure you have enough space for friends in your celebrity style home. Go with a rectangle as they are easier to dress and are instantly elegant.


Dinner Set

An elegant table setting is a must for celebrity style home entertaining. After all if you are going to go through the trouble to spruce up your house you certainly cannot pull it off with the mix-matched table setting you have now. Go for a simple, elegant and bold print, two tones are nice. But be careful when choosing colors as some colors make food look flat, unappetizing and boring.


24k Gold Cutlery

To really kick your celebrity style home up a notch it is worth it to invest in cutlery. This is where you can really glam it up with 24K gold plated ch-ewelry, I mean cutlery. Now that is a bite to savor, it is not every day that you have great food and gold in your mouth. You can’t get any more celeb than real gold cutlery.



After your elegant Hollywood style dinner you cannot invite you guests to relax on your old college futon, can you? Time for a proper couch, sleek, sophisticated, and workable are the things you need to look for. Resist the temptation to refurbish your dads old lazy boy, you will end up spending about the same amount as you would buying a new couch and you will never be satisfied with the results.

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.



Sitting on your new sofa in front of a fireplace, even a faux fireplace, is one of those celebrity style home touches you don’t want to forget. You can find beautiful facades that you can install to make your place cozy. If you don’t have a fire installed then you can fill it with a potted plant or fresh flower arrangements for a switch. It will become the focal point of your room so don’t forget to accessorize it with special keepsakes and art.



Some things that go unnoticed initially can really take your home decorating to the heights of Hollywood. Celebrity style homes are incomplete without scent. Use scented candles, or fragrance diffusing reed sticks to fill your room with the sweet scent of whatever you like. Just try to avoid single note fruity stuff as it comes off a bit immature. Unusual fruits blended with woods, spices and sensuous resins help to create a balanced aroma that will be appreciated by all.


TV Bed

A celebrity style home will never be complete without a bit of guilty indulgence. Watching the latest episode of Gossip girl should only be done while relaxing in a TV bed. Hiding your TV away gives your room a stylish sense of flair. And imagine the shock of surprising your overnight guest when your TV magically slides into place.


Shower Room

Bathing is one of those ritualistic pleasures worthy of its own room. A celebrity style home would be incomplete without an investment in personal indulgences. A bathing room is bigger and better than your old standard bathroom. With amenities that rival modern spas, you will never leave that room feeling less than perfect. It is after all one of the few places in the world that you can be the complete center of attention.

There are so many ways to glam up your home your biggest problem will be deciding where to start. These 9 ways to a celebrity style home are just some ideas to get you on the path to glitz and glamour. What are some of your Hollywood style tips?

Top Photo Credit: Proper Hunt

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