5 Healthy Posts to BlogStalk ...

1. Kids Who Get a Lot of Treats Are Likely to Grow up to Be Violent Adults

Researchers say that this is due to the kids being used to instant gratification. Scary, right?

2. Attention is Key to Happiness

This post may just change your life. I love what she said about knowing happiness now as opposed to when she was younger.

3. **is the Cool down Really Necessary? **

Well, according to some experts, it isn't. Read this interesting post to know why.

4. for Your Posture: Skinny Jeans Workout

Interesting name, right? As you might have guessed, it is for making you look great in your skinny jeans. And more.

5. Staying Positive despite All Our Troubles

Take these tips from Dani on staying positive when we have problems.
Top Image by D Sharon Pruitt