6 Blogs with Amazing Fashion and Beauty Tips ...

I remember using different tips on cooking, cleaning, fashion, and beauty as my status message on YM at my old office. My officemates loved reading the tips as much as I loved searching for them. This is why I think Allwomenstalk is such a great site. And because we could always use more tips on fashion and beauty, here are 6 blog posts from all over with tips and tutorials on applying makeup, buying certain clothes, staying beautiful on a budget, and a lot more.

1. 21 Makeup Tutorials

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These tutorials were compiled by your friendly neighborhood beauty addict, Karen, of Makeup and Beauty Blog. Most of these tutorials focus on colorful eyeshadow, which is always fun to experiment on. I don't know about you but I never touch the vibrant colors of all eye makeup I buy. These tutorials make me want to use them, though.

Image by: Doe Deere

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