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5 Gastro-Terrific Posts to BlogStalk...

By Meream

1 Got a Man to Seduce? Use Food!

Try these two recipes for a romantic dinner for two.

2 10 Great Soups to Keep You Warm This Season

I am not a big fan of soup but these photos make me want to try all recipes!
3. Fast Food (Kinda Healthy, Too)
Cook sweet potato fries for afternoon snacks with your friends. It's okay not to share, though, because these are bound to be yummy.

4 Get Yourself a Khloe Wedding Cake!

If you're getting married soon and you need cake inspiration, try Khloe Kardashian's wedding cake. Perfect for those who love yellow and purple with a bit of Baroque details.


7 Printed Day Dresses ...

8 Habits of Happy People ...

5 Rice Krispie Bars That Will Not Ruin You Diet (with Only 181 Calories!)

There may be a lot of steps but they sound pretty simple. Make some for your family today!
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