5 Great Blogs with Summer in Mind ...

It's a long weekend for most of you and it's a sign that summer is finally here. Aren't you excited? From here on out, all you have to worry about are which beaches to hit and how to look great while out and about tanning, shopping, and having a roaring time with your friends.

The following are 5 blog posts I found with summer in mind. I will start with a barbecue recipe because let's face it, a perfect summer weekend would not be complete without a proper barbecue!

1. Pineapple Steak Kebabs

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These kebabs look absolutely delicious. They seem easy to make, too. This is a Rachael Ray recipe and I trust her to come up with the most delicious and easy recipes. Personally, I love everything with pineapple. I know some people who think that pineapple is a fruit and should not be mixed with meat dishes but I disagree with them. Any food with pineapple is the perfect summer dish for me.

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