5 Great Blogs with Summer in Mind ...


5 Great Blogs with Summer in Mind ...
5 Great Blogs with Summer in Mind ...

It's a long weekend for most of you and it's a sign that summer is finally here. Aren't you excited? From here on out, all you have to worry about are which beaches to hit and how to look great while out and about tanning, shopping, and having a roaring time with your friends.

The following are 5 blog posts I found with summer in mind. I will start with a barbecue recipe because let's face it, a perfect summer weekend would not be complete without a proper barbecue!

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Pineapple Steak Kebabs

Pineapple Steak Kebabs These kebabs look absolutely delicious. They seem easy to make, too. This is a Rachael Ray recipe and I trust her to come up with the most delicious and easy recipes. Personally, I love everything with pineapple. I know some people who think that pineapple is a fruit and should not be mixed with meat dishes but I disagree with them. Any food with pineapple is the perfect summer dish for me.


Budget Summer Skirts


I love wearing skirts any day of the year but if there is one season where I'm tempted to make them a daily uniform, it's summer. This particular blog post is awesome because it shows you which styles of skirts to buy on a budget. The links to the online stores where you can get them is extra helpful. I think this dark blue one is my favorite.


Funny Videos on Getting Ready for Summer ...

I am loving these funny TV commercials about women's life from Only in a Woman's World. And I finally found them all online!!! Those are so true and so hilarious, I watched them all a couple of times and still laugh when thinking about them. My very favorite is the 1st episode called "Shape":

It's so much like what my friends and I have been through recently! :)


Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses

Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses These are not for the brides (unless you are non-traditional and want to go for non-white) but for guests. I have attended a couple of summer beach weddings and have always wondered what perfect dress to wear. But the next time I get my invitation, I'm taking a look at these colorful and funky dresses.This asymmetrical black dress is calling out to me. Won't it be nice flowing in the beach breeze while soaking in the warm atmosphere of a wedding?


The Great Flip-Flops Debate

The Great Flip-Flops Debate Image by: oldmanbim

Are they really the fashion Anti-Christ, as this blog post suggests? Personally, I can't get enough of them. I'd buy a pair of flip-flops every week if the thought is not so I ridiculous. I love them because I am not a big fan of heeled shoes. And since I live in a tropical country, I like letting my feet breathe whenever I can. They are also great for wearing with shorts, jeans, skirts, and dresses. What do you think? Do flip-flops deserve the lashing in this post? Or do you think they are a summer fashion staple?

This post was brought to you by Only in a Woman's World.

Top Image by: photoholic1

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The beach dress is beautiful, if the colors are white and black is ok

Mmm! That kebab sounds delicious; I'll have to try it at the next BBQ! Bisous, La C.

Yup =] Never give up! That's my motto. Sometimes I have to remind myself that, but I'd like to try to live by that to the fullest! Bisous, La C.

I LOVE the skirt and dress!

I'm with you on flip-flops! I know they're not right for certain situations, but I wear them almost every day (when I'm not at work) in the summer. They're just too easy and comfortable not to slip on. Then again, I DO have a blister from a pair of flip-flops that I'm suffering from right now...hmmm... :)

Love this. I want to make those pineapple steak kebabs. Yum! :)

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