12 Celebrities Having Flip Flops Fun ...

By Meream

12 Celebrities Having Flip Flops Fun ...

Warm weather is almost upon us! Time to give the boots and the layers of tights their last hurrah. From here on out, it's light dresses and flip flops galore! Well, okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but I only want to help you get in the spring/summer mood. And to do that, why don't we check out gorgeous celebrities having fun in flip flops? I admit that I sport most of these looks often. Flip flops are just darn easy to wear and paired with the right clothes and accessories, you might even be passably cute.

1 Plain Summer Dress

Plain Summer Dress Doesn't she look like she's about to hit the beach? Love the pop of red of her flip flops straps in contrast to her white dress and beige bag.

2 Blazin' Stripes

Blazin' Stripes Who knew flip flops will look cute with a good blazer? I will definitely try to copy this look one of these days.

3 Cut-Offs

Cut-Offs Now this may be too casual for me but Jessica Alba sure is rocking it. I guess it helps to have a nice bag to go with the too-laidback ensemble.

4 Painted

Painted Now if I didn't know that this is a Chloe dress, I'd probably think that Rachel is wearing a getup any stylish art student will be wearing. It has that "just rolled out of the studio and has no time to change" vibe.

5 Summer at the Hamptons

Summer at the Hamptons I'm not really sure what people summering in the Hamptons wear but in my head, their looks are similar to this. Neutrals plus blue shirt that are loose and with color that is easy on the eyes.

6 Summer Dress II

Summer Dress II Eva Mendes sure looks yummy in yellow.

7 Black and Beautiful

Black and Beautiful This may be the fist time I'm seeing Angelina in flip flops. Very refreshing. Definitely a huge (well, not THAT huge since she's still in black) contrast to her typical airport fashion. Oh yeah, look at Mad and his rad shades. That kid is adorable.

8 Bag It

Bag It Minus the blazer, this look would be something many high schools girls I know sport every day. Baggy jeans and flip flops make for one comfortable outfit.

9 Airport Fab in Flip Flops

Airport Fab in Flip Flops Aww look at Anne looking casual cute in her flip flops and striped shirt. I am certain that this is the best way to travel. Add eye-catching scarf and wrap shades and you're good to go.

10 Gypsy in Flip Flops

Gypsy in Flip Flops Now this is the look I am certain I sport once or twice a week. Nothing beats a peasant blouse, cut off jeans, and flip flops to beat the heat.

11 Mommy Needs a Day off from Glam

Mommy Needs a Day off from Glam I don't have a kid but I reckon flip flops are great for running after a toddler and having easy fun with him/her.

12 Bare Yet Covered

Bare Yet Covered Another look that I have sported once or twice. Minus the bared waistline, of course.
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I freakin LOVE flip-flops!

great post...I think you can rock almost any casual outfit with flops!

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