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One of the best parts of summer is the opportunity to wear gorgeous flip flops that are both comfortable and stylish. This year’s flip flops are better than ever before, with a variety of styles ranging from coastal casual to classy. If you are overwhelmed by all of the options, here is a list to help you narrow down your choices. Check out the 7 best flip flops to wear this summer.

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Eco Passion Thong

Eco Passion Thong Price: $110.00 at zappos.com
These adorable flip flops are both cute and comfortable with a soft sole and a thong strap. You can get this style in seven different colors, but the buttery yellow is a great choice for the warm summer months.


Clarks Latin Cha Cha

Clarks Latin Cha Cha Price: $56.00 at zappos.com
This fun little pair has a ½ inch platform heel that will give you some extra height this summer. The cute flower on top would make these flip flops a great choice to wear with your favorite jean skirt or skinny jeans.


Romantic Soles Isabelle

Romantic Soles Isabelle Price: $28.00 at zappos.com
If you want a little glitter to glam up your casual summer style, these flip flops are perfect for you. The straps are covered in beads to dress us an otherwise casual flip flop style. You will also love the platform heels that make your legs appear long and sexy!


Nine West Romantic

Nine West Romantic Price: $59.00 at zappos.com
Soft pastels are hot this season and these baby blue leather flip flops will be a perfect choice. The sweet rose on top dresses up an otherwise casual shoe and gives it a romantic flair.


Olukai Hulali

Olukai Hulali Price: $80.00 at zappos.com
Give your wardrobe a touch of island charm with these simple summer flip flops. They would look cute with a sundress on a night out or you could wear them around the house on the weekends.


Ivanka Trump Gerbera

Ivanka Trump Gerbera Price: $120.00 at zappos.com
These wedge flip flops will dress up any outfit. The classy gold color pairs perfectly with the natural wood tones of the wedges made from cork. You will also like the comfort that the cork provides when you are on your feet for long periods of time in these heels.


Seychelles Caw

Seychelles Caw Price: $90.00 at zappos.com
When you need comfortable flats, you don’t have to sacrifice style with these beauties. The metallic color will be a great match with this spring’s hot pastel color palate. You can wear these flats for day or night and enjoy the benefits of the flat soles.

If you are looking for some new flip flops this summer, make sure you find something that is both stylish and comfortable. Look for metallic colors that will pair well with pastels. Mix platform heels with classy flats and you will have something for every occasion. After you check out these 7 best flip flops to wear this summer, find a few other pairs that suit your style. What do you look for in summer flip flops?

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