5 Sexy Summer Shorts ...


5 Sexy Summer Shorts ...
5 Sexy Summer Shorts ...

Printed Silk

Kelly of the Glamourai is beating the summer heat in style with these silk shorts. Aren't they darling? She's looking city chic in them.

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Denim Cutoffs

Now THESE are my kind of summer shorts. Check out the link to know what other things are included in Lauren Conrad's list of summer essentials.


I have been living in my cutoff shorts for a couple of months now. Last week, I realized that I need another pair of go-to summer shorts. And sailor was my style of choice.


Check out Susie Bubble wearing a bright pink shorts with an obi-like waistband. Those look comfortable; the color is awesome, too.


I have also been looking for shorts like these for a long time now. So far, I have not seen a pair I like. Won't they be great for a garden party?

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Top Photo Credit: The Glamourai

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