7 Ways to Look Good in Shorts ...


7 Ways to Look Good in Shorts ...
7 Ways to Look Good in Shorts ...

Even though it might not feel like it, especially if you aren't happy with your legs, there are lots of ways to look good in shorts. There are a lot of things to consider, sure, but that's true about anything you wear. It's all about your body type, your style, and what makes you comfortable. Rather than getting into here, though, why not just keep reading? I've highlighted several ways to look good in shorts for you, so you can stay cool and stylish this summer!

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Try Them on

The best way to look good in shorts is to always try them on before you buy them – and take your time doing it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a pair of shorts I liked and just bought them, only to get home and discover that they make me look terrible. It might be frustrating to try on a bunch of shorts, but you'll be grateful in the long run.


Tone up

If your legs are taut, toned, and shapely, you'll feel better about wearing shorts – and you'll definitely look stellar in them. It actually doesn't take a lot to tone up your legs – you could even start right now and see big differences in a week or two. It's not even entirely about slimming down, but toning up, so your legs look shapely, pretty, and long!


Find the Right Pair

Finding the right pair of shorts for you is the best way to look good in shorts, no question. You might not look good in super short shorts, but that doesn't mean you have to wear Bermudas or something. Familiarize yourself with your body type, try on different styles, and see what looks best on you! You might look good in high waisted shorts, denims, khakis, or knee length. You'll never know unless you try them!


Match It up

Often, matching your shirt with your shorts can make them look better as well. More importantly, you just have to make sure that your shirt looks good both on you, and with your shorts. If your shirt doesn't complement them, then your shorts aren't going to look very good, either.


Pair Them with Killer Shoes

The right shoes are always important, and there are several styles of footwear that can make just about any pair of shorts look better. You can always go with heels, which complement almost any shorts, but there are other complementary styles as well. For instance, wedges look really great with shorts, and they'll make your legs look longer!


Let 'Em Hang Loose

Another way to look good in shorts is to wear them a little loose. They don't have to be hanging off you or ballooning around your thighs – in fact, avoid that at all costs! Rather, just make sure you have a little legroom. When your shorts are skin tight, they show off every little imperfection, and that won't make you feel pretty.


Try a Diversion Tactic

There are lots of ways to divert someone's attention from your shorts. You can wear an oversized or baggy shirt, which always looks incredibly cute – especially if it has an A-line or empire waist. You can divert with your shoes or your accessories as well – anything to make sure no eyes focus solely on your shorts.

I actually learned about how many ways to look good in shorts there really are – and boy am I relieved. I always feel a little self-conscious about wearing them, but the weather is too hot for me to even think about covering up in jeans for the next few months. Do you feel self-conscious in shorts, or are you totally proud to show off your legs? Sound off and tell me about it!

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