7 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer ...


7 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer ...
7 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer ...

There's always going to be that girl who has 5-mile long legs that just go on and on and on. And you're always going to hate her! But the good new is, there are a few ways to make your legs look longer that you might not be aware of. Yes, it's true! No matter how short your legs really are, you can make them appear to be skyscraper tall and so long and beautiful. Just by using these 7 ways to make your legs look longer you will be the girl that everyone else is secretly envying. Your legs will be the talk of the office! So are you ready? Let's find out 7 ways to make your legs look longer!

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Wear Nude Heels

Nothing creates the illusion of super long legs quite like heels do. Well, except for nude heels! Nude heels make your leg and foot seem to connect and never end, unlike a colored pair of shoes that can make a very distinct line between your leg and foot. Try a pair of flesh-colored heels for a day and see if that's the perfect way to make your legs look longer! If you can't deal with heels because of preference or job regulations and requirements, nude flats can make a point all on their own so do give them a shot as well.


Use Bronzer

Running a bit of bronzer down the shins of your legs can create not only gorgeous shine and sparkle, but wondrous length for your legs as well! You can use any bronzer you have on hand, whether it be powder or cream. Just glide it down the front of your legs right on your shin bone. Don't have bronzer? You can use highlighter or lotion with sparkle in it! In a pinch, try a bronze colored eyeshadow!


Avoid Horizontal Detailing

You know those skirts that have horizontal ruffles or pieces of fabric? If you want a way to make your legs look longer, your best bet is to avoid those skirts and dresses at all costs! Also avoid jeans that have horizontal seams all the way down them for detailing. Horizontal detailing will cut you off over and over again, and spread your legs out making them feel shorter and larger. Just don't do it!


Look for Asymmetrical Hems

I have always tended to shy away from asymmetrical hems myself because I always feel like a "cave-woman" when I wear them! But the truth is, they can have super elongating effects on your legs! Why put a defining horizontal hem on your leg when you can play mind games as to where your dress ends and your leg begins? Also, the peek-a-boo affect that the asymmetrical hem gives will give an illusion of more leg than you really have!


Try Monochromatic Looks

Wearing all one color from head to toe draws the eye up and down, making you look tall and thin and making your legs look like they never end! You can match the same color (think pant or skirt suits, solid color sheath dress with matching shoes or two piece outfits) or you can opt for variations within the same color family. I like navy blue and periwinkle, plum and lavender, or magenta and rose together. Just remember, dark colors will make you look smaller, so if you wish to drop a few pounds while you use this way to make your legs look longer, go with darker colors!


Go for Vertical Lines

Vertical lines have the opposite effect that horizontal lines have. Instead of looking wide and spread out, you will look tall, super skinny and very modelesque! Look for clothing with pin stripes, any type of vertical stripes, or even pants with vertical creases or designs on them. My favorite item of clothing with vertical designs? I absolutely love knee length pencil skirts with elegant pin-striping on them. They work for almost any occasion!


Choose Your Own Leg Length

One of the very best ways to make your legs look longer is a well-kept secret. Not many people know this so listen closely! By wearing high-waisted skirts and pants, you can make your legs look longer. And I mean lots longer! By doing this, you create the impression that your leg starts much higher than it actually does. Another thing you can do? Make sure your hemline doesn't hit mid calf. It should fall right above or right below your knee, or right at your ankle. Hems that hit anywhere on your calf, cut off inches from your legs.

Now that you know 7 ways to make your legs look longer, your friends will start wondering what your secrets are! I hope you share your findings with them and read this article aloud to everyone you know! Do you have any other great tips for making your legs look longer!

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