7 Hints on Wearing Nude Dresses ...


7 Hints on Wearing Nude Dresses ...
7 Hints on Wearing Nude Dresses ...

Now don't jump to conclusions-the LBD is still in style!!! But we have a new little twist for this season and it's the LND. Little Nude Dress. My honest opinion of them? They are very chic and classy, they can go from girly to edgy, from sweet to sexy, and they are appropriate for anything from the office to a party. But there are a few hints on wearing nude dresses that YOU need to know before you start stylin'! The object is to avoid being arrested yet look so amazing that people come up to you and ask what your style secrets are! So, are you ready to achieve it? Here are your 7 hints on wearing nude dresses!

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Details, Details, Details

The LND with ruffles and sweet little bows has a girly appeal that guys love and girls envy. But you do need some edge to that sweet sticky sugar? Add some fierce details like a leather bag, some rocker shades, a leather belt, or some studded flats. Even a denim jacket or bangles would mix in fierce signals with the sweetheart vibe.


Accessorize in Matching Shades

For an office or meeting, you need to think more professional and less girly. Go for a fitted pencil dress in a darker, camel shade of nude. Match your shoes to your dress for a super slimming effect! A skinny belt will look amazing on your pencil dress as well. Go for a shiny finish on the belt and shoes, too much matte will wash you out. Dangly earrings will pull this outfit right together.


Skin Control

One of the top hints on wearing nude dresses to keep in mind is that you CANNOT follow the same rules as you do with a LBD. With a Little Black Dress, it's perfectly acceptable, even expected, to show flashes of skin. With a nude dress, if you show too much skin it will be very easy to come across as slutty rather than classy. Nude dresses already give the illusion of nakedness. Isn't that enough sexiness? Cover it up and you will be taken more seriously!


Pretty in Pink

Remember that nude is just like any other color. By that, I mean it has many different shades to choose from! From pale to dark nudes, and even peachy and pink nudes, you have a broad range. I love nudes with pink undertones! Perfect for a party or a date. Very feminine and demure. Just be careful with the pale shades. You don't want to look washed out!


A Little R&R

R&R-also known as ruching and ruffles! Both look fabulous on nearly every body type. The key is placement. With ruching, place it where you want to look smaller. With ruffles, place them where you want emphasis and attention! However both of these detailing options will add class and pizzaz to your dress! Now there's a top hint on wearing nude dresses to keep in mind!


Just Don't do It

Please remember this hint above all others when you pick out your nude dress. Avoid anything with peekaboo shredding! Knit or crochet dresses with holes in them that you can see through practically screams "Take me home with you"! This is certainly not how you want to come across! Knit dresses are perfectly acceptable, just pay attention to the stitch and how loose it is before you purchase!


The Perfect Duo

Don't shy away from two shades of nude in one dress! In fact, this can create quite an edgy look. If you are not the ruffles and bows type of girl, you can still pull off a nude dress and feel comfortable in it. Look for something with a lighter nude on top and a dark/almost brown on bottom. You can add accessories to dress it up or flip-flops to dress it down. Whatever you feel like for the day!!

I hope that after reading my hints on wearing nude dresses you are ready to try it for yourself! Nude dresses can be fun and classy and they are perfect for this summer. Do you think you will try one out?

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