15 Ways to Wear an Oversized Tee ...

We’re all bound to have one kicking around our wardrobes somewhere: an inexplicably large men’s tee shirt that leaves us looking for ways to wear an oversized tee. They worm their way into out closets as freebies that come with a box of washing powder, or as the complimentary gift commemorating you’ve finished a fun run. Invariably, we simply throw them to the back of a little-used shelf and forget they exist until it’s time to paint the house or wash the dog and then we haul them out to be used as makeshift overalls. Surprisingly, however, this is not necessarily all they’re good for. I’ve had a bit of a think and put together this list of 15 creative ways to wear an oversized tee.

1. Deal with the Sleeves

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No matter what you plan to do with your shirt, the chances are good that you’re going to have to alter the sleeves. This is not a difficult project to undertake: simply get going with your scissors and trim the arms until they resemble the style you have in mind. Remember, unless you're keen to achieve that scruffy ‘unfinished’ look, you’ll probably need to add a basic hem to neaten things up.

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