7 Rules for Dressing Sexy ...


7 Rules for Dressing Sexy ...
7 Rules for Dressing Sexy ...

If there's one thing every woman wants to know, it's the rules for dressing sexy. Think about it. We have countless magazines, books, websites, TV shows and job professions dedicated to teaching woman all over the world how to style their hair, clothes, makeup and body in order to look sexy. And there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's done in moderation and as long as you don't allow dressing sexy to consume your life. I believe women should be attractive and feminine. So if you have been looking for some fresh new ideas and rules for dressing sexy, you have come to the right place! I'm going to give you my top tips if you just keep reading this article!

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Wear a Silver Dress

Silver is very exceptional color! You obviously own some silver jewelry and maybe a silver bag or shoes. But do you own a silver dress? Silver is unique and flattering and sexy. It's definitely bold, so I would suggest wearing it with muted accessories to tone down the look a little bit. But do give this one a try! It's fresh and unexpected!


Try Strappy Flat Sandals

Every woman knows the power of high heels to make you into a sex goddess. But how many women stop and think twice about how alluring flats can be? Especially strappy flats! I own the cutest pair of flat black sandals that are so comfy but they can amp up the sexiness of a dress instantly. I especially love strappy flats with jean shorts. Try it and see how you like it!


Red = SEXY

One of the most well-known rules for dressing sexy is to wear red. Red is the color of love and passion. It excites and heightens the senses! Slip on a red dress, a red shirt, a pair of red shoes or grab a red bag. Even a sexy red coat would be delightful! If you like to stick to more neutral colors or are a little hesitant to be that bold, start out small. Try a red nail polish or lipstick, or something like a red headband or earrings. Wearing red close to your face will make your skin glow!


Plan Your Outfit

It's always a good idea to plan your outfit in advance so you're not caught standing in front of your closet wringing your hands in frustration at the last minute. But here's a new take on planning your outfit: Why not use one piece that inspires you and plan your outfit around that? Say for instance, you have a pair of coral wedges you love. Choose a dress and accessories that will go along with it. This works like magic every time! Your outfit will fall right into place!


Don't Be Too Matchy-Matchy

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's seeing a girl who is so matchy that it makes you gag! I am the type of girl who matches brown with brown and black with black, but I don't think you should go as far as to only wear red shoes with a red outfit or carry a yellow bag with a yellow shirt. Go with contrasting or complimenting colors! Don't be afraid to mix patterns and shades! Think outside the closet!


Know How to Style Color

One of the rules for dressing sexy is to learn your colors. Know which colors compliment each other, contrast each other and go well together. Know the difference between warm and cool colors and which goes best with your skin tone. Learn which colors are appropriate for which situations, and how to add color in small amounts to a drab outfit. My favorite tip for color right now is to pair bright colors such as aqua, hot pink, tangerine, yellow, or purple with browns and neutrals. Doing this gives you a fresh color palette for summer!


Unleash the Power of Animal Print

My favorite rule for dressing sexy is to add some animal print to your outfit. If you are bold, then grab a blazer or a bag in leopard print. If you aren't so sure, start out small. A pair of sunglasses, shoes, a bangle-the possibilities are endless. However, zebra, giraffe, leopard, crocodile and snakeskin patterns can make any outfit seem more sexy!

Always remember that my rules for dressing sexy aren't the only rules you can follow. They are tried and true, yes! But you can experiment with style and fashion and find something that works for YOU! Being sexy is about being unique too! Which of these rules appeals to you the most?

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