7 Tips on Wearing Bright Colors ...


7 Tips on Wearing Bright Colors ...
7 Tips on Wearing Bright Colors ...

Wearing bright colors and patterns is always a challenge. They suggest youth, energy and vibrant living, but if they are not styled and matched properly, they can easily make you look garish, over-the-top and attention seeking. However, there is no need to fear bright colors. Gather the right knowledge, put in a little bit of thought, and you can have a lot of fun with color. Here is a good starting point: some useful tips on wearing bright colors.

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Match the Brights with Neutrals

One great way to show off a bold choice in color is to pair it with neutrals, such as shades of brown, tan, ivory, white or gray. So, if you have decided to carry a bright purse to a day time occasion, pair it with a breezy light-colored dress and matching sandals.


Pair Brights with Dark Shades

This is another chic fashion secret, which makes your bright focal points stand out. For instance, if you have decided to wear a dress in a bright shade of pink, it will go very well with a dark short jacket and sandals. If you can match your brights with dark colors tastefully, it will make you look elegant, as well as bold at the same time. No wonder this is one of the most commonly talked about tips on wearing bright colors.


Black is Not the Only Dark

Naturally, black is the first color that comes to mind when you think ‘dark shades’. But you may be able to pair your bright garment equally well with a deep brown or blue. The idea is not to let any one neutral shade become your staple (or worse still, your crutch). Experiment a little, and you will be surprised to find how much more versatility you can add to your bright garments.


Brights in Patterns

A dress, top or pants in a single bright shade can sometimes look overwhelming. What is even harder to digest is if you try to pair two bright shades with each other. Does that mean that you can only wear one bright color at a time? Not exactly. You can look great in a dress or a tunic that features two or even three bright colors, as long as the colors are broken up into patterns. You will find some really wacky garments which combine shades of red, blue and green, but they look great because none of these colors are allowed to establish a monotony.


Bright in Jewelry

Another tip on wearing bright colors, especially if you want to be the distraction and turn guys weak... set off a simple get up with sparks of bright jewelry. You may feel like you look plain in your old dress or jeans and t-shirt, but it is a real wonder how a dash of bright color can transform the way you look. Pick up junk bangles, or a beaded necklace, or just have fun with your earrings. Don’t overdo it; be the tease. All you need is a little spark of color.


The Accessory Tactic

What I just said about jewelry can be extended to other accessories as well. Shoes, bags, scarves and belts in bright colors can all add a little bit of magic to plain garments and your looks. Why I consider this one of the most important tips on wearing bright colors, is because accessories are the third dimension in a woman’s wardrobe that can enhance her looks (apart from make-up and clothes).


Bright with Denim

You cannot go wrong with this one. Whether it is a plain bright top you are wearing, or a striped or patterned one, just close your eyes and slip on a pair of denim jeans or shorts, and rest assured you will raise the heat a notch or two.

Ultimately, other than these tips on wearing bright colors, the best advise I can give you is to free your mind, drop your hesitation and experiment. No one knows what you can carry off better than you. The best looks in bright colors have always been discovered by people who gave themselves the license to experiment and set out to have fun! You ready for some fun now?

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