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Mishka spends her time doing any one of the zillion things that catch her fancy - reading novels (everything from classics to pure fiction), writing (everything from letters to journals to blogs), spending time with her dogs (she has two at home and several adopted ones in the neighborhood), watching movies (preferably those not churned out by the Hindi Film Industry), eating out (almost anything except red meat and sea food), staring aimlessly into the horizon, and of course snoozing.
A post graduate in English literature, Mishka hopes to continue writing professionally and some day publish a book of short stories authored by her. However, since her interests are so obviously diverse and vibrant and writing an entire book is going to take a while, she also wishes to turn her attention to blgging about all the topics that interest her - travel, fashion, home and interiors, movies, make up, beauty, relationships...in short everything a girl makes it her business to know about!

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