7 Worst Gifts to Give Your Husband ...


7 Worst Gifts to Give Your Husband ...
7 Worst Gifts to Give Your Husband ...

There are all sorts of husbands, nice ones, naughty ones and nasty ones. Any kind has one unmistakably manly trait; they don’t really care about presents, giving or getting. Wives are usually particularly sensitive towards the idea of gifting in general. Having said that women can be rather stupid when it comes to choosing gifts for their husbands! So here are the 7 worst gifts to give to your husband – if any one of these made it to your list of “possible gifts for your anniversary, you know what to do. Cut it out as soon as you can and go back to brainstorming some ideas, hopefully better ones this time.

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Your man may be a great animal lover and PETA supporter. But come on, giving him an animal simply adds to his already heavy burden of responsibilities. Loving animals and having one to look after full time are two very different things so don’t try and spring a surprise unless you know he’s ready for it. Also consider that pet care might eventually become one of your chores. I rest my case!


Hand-knitted Sweaters

Okay so you have recently taken up knitting. Desist from taking it out in the form of a sweater for your husband. Believe me, men do not croon over fluffy hand knitted sweaters, made worse if they have corny messages on them. A nice husband may appear delighted because of the effort that went into it, but they do not like sweaters. Period.


Celine Dion Music

You might be an odd one who is in love with the music of Celine Dion. Men were not, are not and will never be into her music. So don’t go out of your way to put together specially mixed CD of Dion tracks. That gift is going to sit at the bottom of a drawer in his tool shed and is therefore one of the worst gifts to give to your husband.


Clothes/Shoes That Don’t Fit

Nothings says “you are quite insignificant” more than clothes and shoes that are simply not his size. Come on, you are married to him for goodness sake! How can you not know his size? He is simply not going to bother exchanging such gifts and it will be some time before you can live that down. Badly fitting clothes are definitely one of the worst gifts to give to your husband.


The Mangroomer

The Mangroomer is a fairly recent tool for grooming the man(ly). It helps men do away with hair on their backs without anybody’s assistance. Seriously now, why women would want a spouse with a smooth shiny back is beyond me. But whether women want it or not, almost all men hate the bizarre gadget. For centuries now men have been happy with the state of their backs and they see no reason to change that in this century.


You in a Frame

If you are actually planning to put a picture of you in a frame and gift wrap it as a surprise for hubby dear, you really need to get over yourself. He may be the most loving husband but he sees you every day, and there is nothing wrong if he wishes not to sometimes. Unless, the photo is something on the lines of eroticism…then you are talking about something absolutely different.


Gift Certificates

Another one of those worst gifts to give your husband is a gift certificate. These excuses for presents are meant for people we don’t really know very well. But getting one for your husband is a crime almost. Besides being totally impersonal, it is a very “husbandy” thing to do, don’t you think. Also, knowing how men think, he will probably forget about its existence and end up using it to buy you a gift.

Women are lovely sensitive creatures; we put a lot of thought into everything we do. So why slip up when it comes to gifting the men in our lives? Steer clear of these seven worst gifts to give to your husband, and you will never go wrong. We, after all, have an image to preserve, don’t we?

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