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The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Your Man for Any Occasion ...

By Grace

Pamper your significant other with one of these best gifts for guys. Guys are so much different than girls and there are so many things that they want. From the latest technology piece all the way to the hottest tools out there. What does your man like for a gift? Take a look below for some ideas!

1 For the Stylish Guy: Ted Baker Wallet

wallet,fashion accessory,leather,coin purse,TED,Does your man dream of a luxurious car or drive one already? Does he have an appreciation for high-end brands? If so, a Ted Baker wallet would be the perfect gift for your man. As soft as your touch, a Ted Baker wallet will make him feel special, and given it's a nice designer piece, he'll get a kick every time he uses it. And did I mention this gift will last him years and years?
$109 at

2 For the Techie Guy: GoPro Hero

product,camera,multimedia,cameras & optics,hand,This thing is so, so cool! You can carry it anywhere, it'll capture all the high definition photos of everything your man does. It's got a mountable design so he can stick it anywhere!
$177 at

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3 For the Kid-at-heart: Skatecycle

wheel,font,automotive exterior,product,bumper,This thing is so so cool! I want one! It glides like a skateboard on any flat surface and is totally perfect for the kid-at-heart boy.
$94.05 at

4 For the Spy-wannabe: DJI Phantom 3 Professional

DJI Phantom 3,helicopter rotor,aircraft,vehicle,product,Okay, so this one will set you back a lot of money, but think of how much fun he'd have? If your guy has always wanted to spy or always wanted to fly, this is the best things for him! It does both!
$1152.56 at

5 For the Computer Guy: Apple - Macbook®

Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley,OS X El Capitan,image,television,television set,Honestly, I'd rather gift the MacBook to myself! But if you are feeling selfless, go ahead and make your man the proud owner of this stunning, powerful, and stylish laptop with a host of innovative features.
$2244 at

6 For the Driver: Garmin HUD+ plus (Head-up Display)

font,product,electronics,multimedia,technology,Are you sick of your man fumbling for his smartphone while driving? No more with this amazing gift! Everything will appear in the windshield, it's a projector! How cool!
$149.99 at

7 For the Sports Guy: Samsung UN40K5100 1080P LED TV

television,display device,television set,lcd tv,computer monitor,This thing is so freaking cool! Not only is it a smart TV, so you won't need any connections to watch Netflix, but the HD? The sound? It's beautiful! If you are feeling generous, this is the TV for you.
$277.99 at

8 For the Drinker: IHome Flask-Shaped Speaker

electronics,technology,This flask is so cool! It's got dual purposes too. He can drink out of it and listen to his favorite tunes. How cool and how perfect!
$14.98 at

9 For the Nerd: Walnut Laptop Stand

furniture,table,coffee table,automotive exterior,desk,Boys love their toys especially their laptops and this toy is amazing, seriously, it's awesome! It's well-made, and is perfect for any computer screen or laptop.
$53.24 at

10 For the Sports Lover: Otterbox Cover

mobile phone accessories,mobile phone case,gadget,telephony,mobile phone,This thing is so cool! It will protect your man's phone, no matter what kind. An Otterbox is pretty much the manliest case you can buy on the market! It will protect his phone under any circumstance!
$17.45 at

11 For the Sophisticated Man: Shinola Leather Watch

watch,watch strap,watch accessory,strap,hand,There is nothing sexier than a sophisticated man wearing a gorgeous luxury watch. If your man’s timepiece needs updating, then you can’t go wrong with this amazing creation from Shinola!
$650 at

12 For the Stylish: a Winter Coat

clothing,overcoat,outerwear,wool,jacket,Every man needs a good winter coat, so why not treat yours to something stylish? Go all out, get him the latest thing. No matter which material he favours, there are always plenty of great options that are on trend!
$247.49 at

13 For the Photographer: Polaroid Snap Instant

camera,cameras & optics,digital camera,product,camera lens,You can finally snap and print pictures right there -- if you were a fan of the earlier versions of this, you'll love this one and so will your photographer man!
$97 at

14 For the Traveler: a Trip to Europe -

vacation,Imagine it, a gift for the two of you! Wouldn't it be fun to travel Italy together? Greece? Think about it! How about the magical city of Rome?
$85 per night at

15 For the Gamer: Nintendo Switch

font,product,gadget,multimedia,brand,Everybody is talking about the Nintendo Switch right now, with the new Zelda game set to be one of the best ever! Make sure you man doesn’t miss out if he is an avid gamer but gifting him this great new console.
$438.69 at

16 For the Griller: Monogrammed Steak Brand

meat,food,grilling,cooking,organ,This thing is so cool! It's also a great small gift to give. If your guy loves to grill, especially steak, this is ideal and so cute. He can spell out anything he wants on his beloved meat with a selection of 55 letters!
$8.50 at

17 For the Star Wars Lover: BB-8 USB Drive

Legoland,Star Wars,cartoon,font,product,I'm not sure I've ever met a single man who doesn't like Star Wars at least a little bit. If your man is really into it, then get him a Star Wars flash drive! BB-8 became an instant fan favourite when the Force Awakens was released.
$4.97 at

18 For the Beer-lover: Home Brewing Kit

man made object,product,drink,bottle,juice,If your man, so like many others, is into craft beers and micro beers, then why not give the opportunity to make his very own unique batch with this great and easy home brewing kit?
$50.25 at

19 For the Drinker/Nerd: Star Wars Bottle Opener

weapon,pattern,This thing is so cool! I love the fact that this covers the drinker and the nerd too. it's a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift because it's both small and affordable.
$0.77 at

20 For the Reader: the Complete Harry Potter

toy,THE,COMPLETE,SERIES,This might seem strange at first, but if the guy you need a gift for is a Harry Potter fan (and I've seen plenty of guys like that on the opening night of the last Harry Potter movie), this could be just the perfect gift for him! With the Potterworld continuing with the Fabulous Beasts a lot of people are reacquainting themselves with the original books. If your favorite male recipient longs to play Quidditch and wants to make the magic last, think about the complete Harry Potter collection – it's really a steal!
$42.39 at

21 For the Explorer: Garrett Metal Detector

1992 Summer Olympics,font,product,brand,SHRXY,I don't know what it is, but a ton of men really think that if they only had a metal detector, they could get rich. My dad, for instance, has dreams of buried treasure and every time my family vacations on the beach, I know he wishes he had one of these babies. If there's a guy in your life who longs to explore, go ahead and get him a real, live, professional metal detector! We know there's no pirate treasure buried in the back yard, but we can let him dream, right?
$35.14 at

22 For the Hot Sauce Junkie: Hot Sauce Gift Set

drink,distilled beverage,brand,ZOMBIE,CAJUN,This sauce set is SPICY but delish! If your man is a hot sauce lover, he is going to love this. It might even spice up your love!
$27.53 -

23 For the Stylish Guy: Classic Cashmere

long sleeved t shirt,clothing,sleeve,t shirt,outerwear,The best knitwear is all about cashmere, and there's no reason why your man can't benefit, too! I know, I know, I advised against clothing, but practical items that both serve a function and look good are perfect.
$49.50 at

24 For the Relaxer: Garden Hammock

hammock,Speaking of comfort, what could be better than a hammock? Sometimes a guy just wants to relax. Can't you picture yours lounging outside, dozing in the sun, with a newspaper over his face to block out the light? It's the perfect Norman Rockwell scenario!
$11.38 at

25 For the Chef: BBQ Spices Condiment Shakers

canning,cup,food,produce,lighting,If your man is the kind of guy who likes nothing more than throwing some meat on the BBQ, then he will love these cool looking set of jars to keep all of his favourites spices and herb rubs close by!
$41.93 at

26 For the Techie: Apple IPad Air 2

mobile phone,smartphone,text,portable communications device,gadget,Sure, an iPad is expensive, but the iPad Air 2 is actually priced pretty fairly. Besides, what's money next to the unmitigated joy he’ll experience when he opens this? He may ignore you for months afterward, given the array of apps he’ll have to play with (Angry Birds, for example), but when he recovers from his app-induced daze, he’ll love you like no other. Forever.
$397.84 at

27 For the Protector: Smoke and Carbon Protector Alarm

product,technology,electronics,tore,No:,This gift is ideal for the man that is nervous about his home. It goes off at the hint of smoke or carbon monoxide. So perfect for that nervous man!
$42.00 at

28 For the Joker: Beer Cap Shooter

2 Stroke,orange,utility knife,data storage device,glasses,This is another great little stocking filler type idea, giving your man the double satisfaction of opening a cold beer and being able to shoot the cap at the enemy of his choice!
$2.76 at

29 For the Stylish Man: Batman Cuff Links

font,product,fashion accessory,moustache,LCS,Indulge both his stylish and playful side at the same time by gifting him these really beautiful but fun Batman design cufflinks. They’ll make him feel like a superhero!
$135 at

30 For the Hipster: Graphic Band T-Shirt

Red Hot Chili Peppers,t shirt,clothing,sleeve,font,Indulge his hipster side by buying a t-shirt that celebrates a classic band. This one in tribute of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is perfect for any fan of classic modern rock!
$25.00 at

31 For the Fitness Guru: Fitbit

watch,fashion accessory,arm,product,hand,If he hasn’t already joined the Fitbit revolution, then now would be the perfect time to start! These steps and exercise trackers are turning a healthy and active lifestyle into a really fun thing!
$149.95 at

32 For the Lifestyle Guy: Men’s Health Subscription

Men's Health,bodybuilder,muscle,bodybuilding,professional boxing,If you man is a health conscious guy who like to live a positive lifestyle, then a subscription to Men’s Health Magazine will be exactly the kind of thing that he will enjoy reading in his spare time.
$8.00 at

33 For the Fixer-Guy: Tool Box

product,box,rectangle,This thing is so cool! It's an upgraded toolbox, one that is a jack-of-all trades and perfect for Mr. Fix-it!
$29.12 at

34 For the Home-brewer: Home Brewing Guide Book

drink,beer,distilled beverage,alcoholic beverage,alcohol,We’ve already suggested the perfect home brewing kit, so to accompany the vital tools you should also pick up this great ‘how to’ book to get him started on the right track.
$10.85 at

35 For the Kid-at-heart: Hover Board

product,vehicle,font,wheel,bmx bike,Now I know that this gift got a bad rep, however, it is one of the most popular and you'll have so much fun learning how to ride this with your boy. It's amazing!
$159.99 at

36 For the Drinker: Cooling Stones

lighting,glass,distilled beverage,design,It’s no good when you add ice to your whiskey and then find that there is too much water in the drink for your liking. This problem is eliminated with these really great cooling stones. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘on the rocks’!
$4.35 at

37 For the Classic Decor Drinker: Fun Bar Sign

Jim Beam,advertising,Mikes,THE,WORLD'S,If he likes the traditional drink like bourbon, then why not buy him a really fun sign that he hang up in the kitchen and pretend he’s drinking in an old style saloon!
$4.95 at

38 For the Coffee-drinker: French Press

small appliance,cup,kettle,coffeemaker,product,French presses really do make the best tasting coffee, so gift your man this great looking stainless steel press and he just might treat you to a cup or two!
$23.39 at

39 For the Time-keeper: Movado Vizio Watch

watch,black and white,watch accessory,watch strap,hand,Now, if your man is really, really in to watch culture, and you have some cash to burn, then you can’t really get much better than this amazing Movado Vizio watch. Anybody who knows anything about timepieces will tell you that it’s worth every single penny!
$2995 at

40 For the Bus-catcher: Waterproof Backpack

bag,backpack,hand luggage,This gift is definitely a must if your man rides the bus or travels on public transportation and has to transport his laptop, iPad and anything else! Seriously, it's completely waterproof. How cool!
$214 at

41 For the Neat-freak: IRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

product,car subwoofer,SPOT,CLEAN,DULE,Is your guy a neat freak? Completely and totally? This gift is for him! It cleans your floors without a second thought or you having to do anything.
$324.99 at

42 For the Good-groomer: Grooming Starter Kit

product,KIEHLS,MEN'S,TRAVEL,READY,This nifty little kit has everything that your man needs to keep his face looking gorgeous, which is a bonus for both him and you!
$43.00 at

43 For the Racer: Leather Jacket

leather jacket,jacket,clothing,leather,textile,Let’s face it, every guy who is into racing needs an amazing leather jacket to complete the classic look! You really can’t go wrong with a great leather jacket. It will last for years and years without showing signs of wear.
$798 at

44 For the Biker: Harley Davidson Bracelet

hand,font,fashion accessory,arm,strap,Indulge his fantasies of living a nomadic motorcycle existence with this fun little stocking filler. He might not have a Harley yet, but this could inspire him!
$1.27 at

45 For the Big-spender: Superman Money Clip

product,Hey, he is your very own Superman after all! Make sure to encourage him to spend some money on you when he is carrying it around using this super cool and funky Superman themed money clip!
$45.00 at

So now that I have given you quite a comprehensive list of the best gifts for men, happy shopping! Got any suggestions, unique gifting ideas, or experiences to share?

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