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9 Fun Gifts for a Crafty Friend ...

By Meream

Let's embrace DIY and gift-giving! How? By checking out (and eventually, buying) these fun gifts for a crafty friend. Whether your crafty friend is celebrating a birthday or you want her to feel special for no reason at all, one of the following items will be perfect.

1 Sew Crafty Socks

Sew Crafty Socks**Price: **$7.99 at modcloth

Very cute! While I am already sold on the magenta and blue colors, I have to say that the yarn ball and scissors are just too darn adorable. I love that they are high socks, too. This means that your friend will keep her legs warm while she's knitting you a thank you gift.

2 On the Button Sewing Box

On the Button Sewing Box**Price: **$16.99 at modcloth

A list of fun gifts for a crafty friend will not be complete without a sewing box. Now this is not just any sewing box, though. I mean, who can resist that button design? Not I! In fact, I confess that I have seen something similar to this in a mall near me. And yes, I have been seriously considering buying it even though I already have several sewing kits.

3 The Button Factory

The Button Factory**Price: **$18.99 at modcloth

Aaack! This is making me drool! Imagine: your friend gets to make great button pins. She can get outrageously creative! Among these fun gifts for a crafty friend, this might be the one that I covet the most. Oh, the many things that I can do with these buttons!

4 Hop, Stich, and a Jump DIY Bunny Kit

Hop, Stich, and a Jump DIY Bunny Kit**Price: **$19.19 at modcloth

Sure these other fun gifts for a crafty friend will be well received but nothing compares to a gift that also comes in a whimsical tin container. Your friend most likely collects tin containers, too, so this particular gift will earn you a HUGE hug.

5 Letter B Stamp Kit

Letter B Stamp Kit**Price: **$21.99 at modcloth

Contrary to what the label says, your friend will get the whole alphabet to play with. Two things your crafty friend will love about this gift: the tin container is utterly whimsical and there are four stamp pads. This is a great gift for someone who loves to do paper crafts or is into scrapbooking.

6 Star Wars Craft Book

Star Wars Craft Book**Price: **$20.00 at urban outfitters

If your friend happens to love Star Wars, she (or he) will flip out upon opening this gift. Some projects include a Chewbacca sock puppet, Wookiee bird house, AT-AT herb garden, and Ewok flower vase. So yes, you get all kinds of Star Wars craft projects perfect for the home, for your fashion adventures, and for giving away.

7 The Fashion Sketchpad

The Fashion Sketchpad**Price: **$18.95 at urban outfitters

The ideal gift for a friend who dreams of gracing a NY Fashion Week runway with her creations. The great thing about this sketchpad is that it comes with figure templates. It also comes with a garment glossary that any budding fashion designer should be familiar with.

8 Pin Cushion Necklace

Pin Cushion Necklace**Price: **$50 at shana logic

I'm sure I have featured this necklace here before but it deserves a place on this list of fun gifts for a crafty friend. No person who loves to sew can resist this adorable pin cushion necklace. It's just too cute for words, really.

9 Alex Toys My First Sewing Kit

Alex Toys My First Sewing Kit**Price: **$19.88 at amazon

And if your crafty friend happens to be 3 feet tall, this sewing kit got you covered. This kit comes with pre-cut patterns, felt, stuffing, scissors, measuring tape, and just about anything that a budding crafter would want.

So which of these fun gifts for a crafty friend do ya like? Don't worry, if your "friend" happens to be yourself, buying one of these is perfectly acceptable.

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