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24 Greatest Romantic Gifts for Men ...

By Katie

Men like receiving romantic gifts 🎁, too, you know. Of course, "romance" means different things to different people -- and especially for different men. You know your guy. Does he prefer traditional romance 💝 or does he swoon for gestures related to his interests and passions? Is he a fan of sports 🏀🏈⚾️ or sci-fi ‌‌🚀‌👽🌌 ‌or reading 📖, for example? Whatever his brand of romance, here's some excellent inspo for those special occasions 🎊🎉 that require an equally special gift 🎁 for the fantastic man in your life!

Table of contents:

  1. acqua di giò pour homme eau de toilette - giorgio armani
  2. nautical chronograph leather strap watch
  3. monogram bifold wallet
  4. solid silk tie
  5. monogram oval cuff links
  6. 'aventus' fragrance – creed
  7. l'homme prada eau de toilette – prada
  8. pebble-grain leather cardholder
  9. under milk wood candle
  10. gentleman floris no.89 grooming collection
  11. digital photo frame
  12. leather wrap bracelet
  13. personalised docking station
  14. personalised bracelet
  15. astronomy wine glasses
  16. geranium leaf body cleanser – aesop
  17. chamomile concentrate anti-blemish masque – aesop
  18. semisumo pomade
  19. exfoliating body bar - cedarwood/ oakmoss essence
  20. santal 33 shower gel
  21. slim-fit knitted cotton sweater
  22. nelson printed cotton pyjama set
  23. grained-leather wash bag
  24. glenn cotton-corduroy robe

1 Acqua Di Giò Pour Homme Eau De Toilette - Giorgio Armani

If your man doesn’t have a super luxurious fragrance, it might be time to get him one! This is a great choice as it’s a fragrance born from the sea, the sun, the earth and the breeze of a Mediterranean island.
$46 - $115 at

2 Nautical Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

This stunning watch will make any man smile on Valentine’s Day! It has six-hand quartz movement with a mineral crystal face and is water-resistant to 100 meters, complete with a buckle closure.
$275 at

3 Monogram Bifold Wallet

What man wouldn’t want to carry around a super sleek personalised wallet with him? The metallic monogram gives it an understated refinement, so choose one with his initial and order online today!
$53.50 at

4 Solid Silk Tie

Every man needs a lucky tie, so why not let it be one that you gifted him on the most romantic day of the year? It’ll be so special that he’ll want to wear it every time you go out for a romantic dinner!
$19 at

5 Monogram Oval Cuff Links

If you’re loving the monogram trend we got going here, a pair of cuff links is another great addition for him this Valentine’s Day! It’s a perfect combination with the personalised wallet mentioned on number 3.
$30 at

6 'Aventus' Fragrance – Creed

Your man is bound to love this rich and fruity fragrance by Creed. With top notes of bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, apple, pineapple and a base of musk, oakmoss, ambergris, vanilla, this is every man’s dream fragrance!
$210 - $425 at

7 L'Homme Prada Eau De Toilette – Prada

This beautiful fragrance has top notes of iris and amber and a base of geranium and patchouli – a scent he’ll love this Valentine’s Day!
$78 - $98 at

8 Pebble-Grain Leather Cardholder

Romance on Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about flowers and chocolates, you know! Sometimes it’s even better to give your loved one something they’ve wanted for a long time or will get heaps of use out of, like a leather cardholder to keep all his daily essentials in check!
$225 at

9 Under Milk Wood Candle

What better way to set the mood on Valentine’s Day than with a candle that features the scents of Patchouli with heady Suede and sweet Amber? Not only is this a super romantic gift but it’s also really stylish and aesthetically pleasing to look at!
$85 at

10 Gentleman Floris No.89 Grooming Collection

This captivating citrus-woody blend collection is a great gift for your man this Valentine’s Day! It features a gentle face wash, soothing shaving cream and hydrating moisturiser that he’ll never want go without once tried and tested!
$104 at

11 Digital Photo Frame

With this clever photo frame you can upload all your favourite photos with your boyfriend and watch them play back! Even the frame is easily adjusted for the perfect viewing angle!
$99.99 at

12 Leather Wrap Bracelet

If your man is into his jewellery, you might want to opt for a super trendy stainless steel and leather bracelet this Valentine’s Day in a unique wrap style!
$27.27 at

13 Personalised Docking Station

Gift your man his own personalised desk organiser this Valentine’s Day, complete with his name engraved into the best quality, eco-friendly Ukrainian wood!
$39.99 - $47.99 at

14 Personalised Bracelet

Surprise your boyfriend with this super romantic handmade bracelet, complete with a personalised touch!
$37.44 at

15 Astronomy Wine Glasses

If your boyfriend can’t get enough of astronomy and the beautiful night sky, opt for these well suited wine glasses for Valentine’s Day! For the perfect evening, enjoy a glass of your fave wine outside while looking up at the actual night sky!

$40 at

16 Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser – Aesop

Every man could do with a bit of pampering every now and again! This body cleanser is enhanced with natural botanicals and will leave him with a rich, revitalising scent every time!
$45 at

17 Chamomile Concentrate anti-Blemish Masque – Aesop

This is a great gift for anyone who struggles with their complexion, as it promises to reduce redness and aims to absorb oil. This calming Chamomile masque can certainly be shared, in case you want to try it out too!
$45 at

18 Semisumo Pomade

This is one product that’s sure to deliver every time! It contains conditioning ingredients to tame unruly strands and guarantees both a soft hold and impressive shine.
$29 at

19 Exfoliating Body Bar - Cedarwood/ Oakmoss Essence

This effective exfoliating body bar hydrates and refreshes skin due to its moisture-rich formula. You might want to put it in a place you can both find, as you’ll be reaching for this yourself in only a matter of days!
$17 at

20 Santal 33 Shower Gel

This super luxurious shower gel is worthy of a place in any man’s bathroom! He won’t be able to get enough of this rich blend of Cardamom, Violet, Sandalwood and Cedar notes.
$50 at

21 Slim-Fit Knitted Cotton Sweater

You can’t get any better than one of Lacoste’s classic crew-neck sweaters, made from a soft, knitted cotton and complete with the brand’s signature crocodile embroidery!
$100 at

22 Nelson Printed Cotton Pyjama Set

These super luxurious, high-quality PJ’s are perfect for your man to slip into for a good night’s sleep. Not only are they made with the ultimate comfort factor but they’re also super lightweight for even the hottest of summer nights.
$355 at

24 Grained-Leather Wash Bag

He’s going to need a bag to carry round all the bathroom essentials mentioned above! Gift your man one of these gorgeous grained-leather wash bags to hold everything he needs while on the go!
$195 at

25 Glenn Cotton-Corduroy Robe

For a super thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day, opt for a luxurious and cosy robe for your man! This is perfect for those chilly nights and mornings, plus it’s super soft and comfortable to cuddle up to!
$400 at

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I hope these gift ideas give you some romantic choices for your guy this Valentine's Day. Which of these gifts will make your man happiest this year? Or, did I leave out a f**avorite gift that you've had success with**? Let me know!

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